Mitzah fragrance notes

  • Head

    • coriander, rose
  • Heart

    • spices, cinnamon, honey
  • Base

    • patchouli, somalian incense, labdanum, vanilla

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Deliciously sticky resinous amber accord with a powdery vanilla. The initial spray starts out tingling your nose with it's aromatic spices that have whispers of cardamom, patchouli and cinnamon. It has a warmth so inviting, it's smoky resinious, a tad medicinal amber goodness. I also pick up the vanilla which adds just enough sweetness and piwderyness to it and makes it slightly sexy. There is a classic incense here. This amber twists and turns in pleasure but overall feels restrained. Which is a pity because this ride could have been much wilder.

Mitzah is the sort of spicy, warm scent that dries down to something that could be mistaken for having a great natural smell rather than an obvious perfume smell. Perfectly unisex with moderate sillage and projection, the fragrance slowly and very surreptitiously evolves on your skin. It reminds me quite a bit of Estee Lauder's Amber Mystique. More of a night than day scent. Not crazy about it but don't actively dislike it, either. Certainly not a powerhouse in my books.
20th May 2022
The years suns stars moons
Her legendary perfume
Never forgotten

Desert mysteries
Stories rumors truth and lies
Treasures lost and found

Some said men had died
Trying to find the answer
I gave up the quest

We were quite content
To sip our tonic water
But our friend was not
8th May 2021

My addiction - oriental styles. This would fit right in... Heavy spice. Moderate rose. Touch of cumin. Drape of honey. What's not to like? I think it's the smoky cumin that adds some interest. A teeny bit of bitterness, from the cumin also.

The patchouli and incense seem a good quality. They aren't super-hippie, head types. Then you've got your sturdy, steadfast friend labdanum, with its smiles of musky, resinous hugs. A thin line of vanilla rounds out the whole affair.

The sillage is marvelous with Mitzah. It's all vanilla-ambery goodness. Mitzah increases its charms as it wears on. I'm happy I finally dug out my sample. It was worth trying. I'm not however, going to invest in another oriental. Once again, folks have gone ape-sh*t asking ridiculously high prices for a discontinued, well-done fragrance.
15th March 2019
Mitzah is ridiculously beautiful, elegant, unapologetically opulent, and mysterious just like Mitzah Bricard herself. The sillage is just perfect, not too weak and not too strong, and the longevity is incredible. On my skin the frankincense is the star vocalist with amber, rose, vanilla, amber, patchouli, and labdanum all present in the background providing supporting vocals. Mitzah is absolutely perfect in cooler weather and everything I could possibly want in a perfume.
14th January 2019
The mystical Mitzah - often spoken of, rarely sniffed. Closer by the day to becoming a creature of myth.
On me, vaguely floral-suede, vaguely gourmand-biscuit. Vaguely vague. I had to douse myself in this stuff before I got anything from it. Perhaps it has a heavy musk base to which I'm anosmic. Who knows... I was genuinely disappointed.
31st December 2018
At the time of writing this Mitzah has been discontinued for at least two years.

For me Mitzah has everything I like in a fragrance. What it smells of is well documented here and there is nothing I can add to it except to say that I have pretty much all the Privee perfumes and if I had to give them all away except one, I would keep is Mitzah.

Mitzah's complexity, versatility and longevity are matched only by its elegance. It is very much a unisex fragrance and both my partner and myself wear it regularly. From start to finish it's delightful punchy patchouli beginning down to its warm amber dry-down is always delightful, you will get noticed wearing this fragrance, you will feel good wearing this fragrance.

Because it had already been discontinued when I bought for the first time I had to buy it blind. Now every city I go to that has a Dior Boutique can expect a visit from me looking for this fragrance. I never want to run out and so far I have collected 5 large bottles so hopefully I will never be without it.

30th May 2017
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