Mitsouko Extrait 
Guerlain (1919)

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Reviews of Mitsouko Extrait by Guerlain

There are 1 reviews of Mitsouko Extrait by Guerlain.

From reviews by others I have been unconsciously avoiding this scent as I have been frightened to possibly be knocked off of what has been my vision of what a Rose Sheepra is.
If one follows the line of Bergamot, Patchouli and a healthy dose of Moss.
(At least with a 70's Extrait) it is difficult not to be dazzled by it's structure. The Rose, as expected, is presented as a a Peachy hue. There is a quality of "Grand Old Girl" in the Extrait, which may dissuade most young people from tasting, however Old Girls of any Gender could well use this as a Standard.
Be warned though, it doesn't quite carry the same Unisex Quality of Vol de Nuit.
While I could wear Vol de Nuit 24/7/365, I have only enough of a Queen in me to wear this occasionally on Weekends.
Recommended as a try by everyone at least once in their Perfumed Life.
Jul 5, 2019

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