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Vero Profumo (2012)

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Mito Eau de Parfum by Vero Profumo

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Mito Eau de Parfum is a shared scent launched in 2012 by Vero Profumo

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Reviews of Mito Eau de Parfum by Vero Profumo

There are 9 reviews of Mito Eau de Parfum by Vero Profumo.

Like a walk through a wet forest in the spring. Feels like a breath of air rushing around the foot of trees, along the grass. In three words i would describe this scent as: fresh, classy and very elegant.

It has something like an 'expensive face cream' note in it, so I don't find it sharp at all! It is like a quirky little girl among the class of Citrus Chypre cologne (70's). The very subtle hyacinth and the toned down moss work great together.

Mito is totally easygoing, laidback, cheerful and relaxed, but she is also very graceful, cool, calm and collected...I see a natural beauty wearing this, a shy and soft-spoken sort of intellecther style is minimalist and put-together, classy, casual-smart, with some dainty feminine touches.

It starts off very green, almost herby but very quickly settles down to a slightly pretty floral. Rich earthy galbanum adds a note of dangerous glamour and reminds you to dig your fingers into the moist richness of this experience. Hyacinth and cypress are found in this part of the urban forest and only enhance and deepen the sensuality of this fragrance. In fact the hyacinth and the cypress provide depth and harmony to the rest of the notes. Moss gives it a sharp edge.

It smells very very mossy and lemony acidic, almost giving the impression to me of walking through a forest with the trees and flowers still wet from the spring rain. To me it doesn't exude "freshness" because of the heavy oakmoss vibe. It's basically a citrus cologne - but as the scent evolves, the mossy base and the hyacinth give it more oomph and more sophistication. Mito is for a woman that wants to smell fresh, sporty without lose the class and sophistication. I imagine this is what high class elegant ladies wore. A really unique and very out-of-mainstream scent.

Really great casual green floral chypre. I relearned a fact with Mito, that fragrances are influenced by their environment - the temperature, humidity and skin. And some fragrances more than others.
I tried it in a winter house, which has low humidity (dry air). My skin is dryer and cooler. The florals in Mito opened full-blast, totally front and center, making the green a backdrop. The florals were lovely but strong. I wanted more of the green others talked about. I wondered if it wasn't blooming on my skin, so I tried it later after a shower, in warm moist air, on warm moist skin. It really blossomed and the greens came out, scintillating and engaging. The green came across as much neroli as galbanum, which I don't see on any pyramid of Mito, so I don't know if my skin is registering true (or if it ever does).
This is a summer-bright fragrance, dense, sweet and affecting.
I like abstract floral fragrances, so I like Mito's blended casual loveliness, but the magnolias really work a magic here, with an earthy, sensual, masculine-feminine mellowness. It gathers some 70's ethos, those perfumes with their pretty sweet floral chypres. It feels vintage but not dated.
It has an excellent casual drydown - a light floral mossy piquancy that brings the end to such a satisfying conclusion. This is a nice, approachable, easy to like fragrance. I get on really well with this version of Mito.

Mito EDP opens with a lush Sicilian lemon, so juicy that you know with an ache that it will not last. And sure enough, in a few minutes, we have a pithy, mealy, squeezed out bit of lemon from the edge of the saucer. Here there begins an earthiness that is like the garden freshly turned, but you are not the gardener and are catching its scent from a distance. You are a passerby on a walk on a sunny day after a rain in a clay-laden place. Shortly you walk through an herb patch and accidentally crush some of it. Perhaps a bit of rosemary or thyme, too late in the orchestration to balance the lemon as in an eau de cologne. Soon as you resume your walk, there is the odor of something vaguely floral on the breeze, combining with a mineralic odor of rocky clay soil and a stronger tinge of herbs and greens. As you continue your stroll, you identify the floral odor: a Magnolia tree nearby has begun to bloom. You press your face into one of the lower blossoms, catching a whiff of its spicy pollen and waxy petals. The dusty trunk mixes in and there is still the herbal glossy greenness of the substantial leaves.

Mito is not a purely floral magnolia: it's magnolia as it smells not in a bowl of water, but still on a tree-- the dirt, the pollen, the leaves. It's a magnolia set in a well-maintained garden, verdant and stately. It isn't exactly the magnolia I know here in TN: it's spicier. It's a magnolia grown in a hotter, drier soil, so that it is less musty and more spicy than they can be here.

The drydown is spicy in the way of pollen and various tree barks, with the faint creamy waxiness of magnolia petals.

Taken as a whole, this work is so much richer than I thought a green perfume could be. A distinctive work, yet totally wearable.

Beautiful green fresh floral scent. Not much else to say, it is a classic flower blast for floral scents' lovers. Otherwise, even if it is top-quality and perfectly made, it may sound boring, as it does not shout and has not a complex structure or a complex "narration" around it. Perfect on a man too. From one of the very few remaining real "artisans" in contemporary perfumery.


Lush decadence I was in Rome, a few weeks ago. The particular combination of dramatic beauty and sumptuous decadence that this city offers to its visitors was highlighted by the smell of blooming flowers in the air- jasmines, pittosporums, black locust trees, but mostly lemon and orange blossoms. I had with me a sample of Mito and no other perfume could match better that atmosphere.The fragrance is indeed inspired by the garden of Villa D'Este in Tivoli, a town near Rome... The opening is prominently green with lemon and galbanum, soon to unveil a heart of lush, luminous white flowers- lemon flowers, jasmine and magnolia. Then, as always with Vero Kern's fragrances, a sense of ripeness almost digressing in decay settles in, rendering the fragrance more shadowy, cool, moist and earthy. The lasting power is great, even with temperatures rising above 30 degrees.

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