Missoni Colori Collection: Arancio 
Missoni (2008)

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Missoni Colori Collection: Arancio by Missoni

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Missoni Colori Collection: Arancio is a women's perfume launched in 2008 by Missoni

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Reviews of Missoni Colori Collection: Arancio by Missoni

There are 1 reviews of Missoni Colori Collection: Arancio by Missoni.

Initially a very bright and cheerful burst of mandarin and bitter orange - I don't really get the persimmon - probably because they don't have much odor of their own. It's very refreshing and similar to the effect that one gets when first applying Hermes D'Orange Vert Concentre. Unfortunately, that refreshing phase goes by fairly quickly and reveals a rather synthetic smelling citrus caricature - very much in the direction of household cleansers and liquid hand soaps :(

When layered by the other notes of the collection or immersed amongst them within the original Missoni perfume, it's possible that this artificial personality might go unnoticed. However, it's just too stark on its own to really be a standalone fragrance. I'm having luck layering it upon ambers and patchoulis - gives them a light, modern lift. Considering the Colori collection that this comes from contains the other three main notes of the original perfume, maybe that's only way it's meant to be used - like a twist of rind over a Negroni cocktail.

*UPDATE - Just decided that it layers rather nicely with Gaultier Ma Dame - somehow the bright yet synthetic tinged citrus of Arancio accents the already neon pink of Ma Dame in just the right way. It rides out on top the rest of Ma Dame's plastic baby-doll rose note and keeps the monochrome fleshy pink a good bit more interesting.

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