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Missoni (2007)

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Missoni Acqua by Missoni

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Reviews of Missoni Acqua by Missoni

There are 12 reviews of Missoni Acqua by Missoni.

Tania Sanchez makes no apologies for loving Missoni, who at the time of her writing, had only two scents, the original "Missoni" and Missoni Acqua. She gave it four stars, named it a "citrus cedar" and mentioned citrus, tea, muguet and Immortelle in its make-up.

Others here find it a fruity floral acquatic.

I don't at all get the acquatic vibe, done to death by industry-wide mixing of Calone's melon notes with reedy wood effects. I do certainly get fruit, but it is the sharp, off-putting sour note of apples rotting in the Autumn sun. That's all. It's linear and fades quickly.

Original yes, but not particularly pleasant, unless you have fond memories of sprawling in the orchard in November.

Genre: Aquatic

The top notes actually seem to partake of the same fruit and chocolate combination perfumer Maurice Roucel employed in his earlier Missoni eau de parfum, though here the fruit leans more toward the watery cucumber-melon variety you'd expect in an “aquatic” flanker. Where it goes from there is a herbaceous green floral arrangement with a prominent soapy muguet reconstruction, a fresh jasmine, and an occasional whiff of peony. It's a very bright and clean, but also a little bit harsh on the nose. A soft iris note swoops in during the ensuing hour to effect a dramatic nick-of-time rescue from the potential ruin this harshness might have caused.

The herbaceous notes persist as Missoni Aqua drifts from green florals to crisp woody violet in a seamless transition to its drydown. The base notes are mostly powdery woods with a trace of violets and lingering echoes of aquatic aromachemicals. While by no means as appealing or original as Missoni EdP, this is still nicer than most aquatic fragrances I've tried. It's not terribly long-lasting on the skin, but I do think it's relatively gender-neutral, and would make a fine alternative to some of the cruder masculine aquatics.

When I first smelled this, I hated it - It was like the unfortunate spawn of a cheap fruity floral mixed with a cheap aquatic. Then I wore it a few times to review it and actually kind of liked it. Doh! Don't get me wrong, it IS what you get when you cross a cheap fruity floral with a cheap aquatic, but I've actually kind of enjoyed it.

It's based on that green aquatic mix of melon and fake lily, but with extra fruit up top, mostly really juicy citrus and pineapple. Though sweet, it has a peppery piquancy that gives it a slight darkness and keeps it from smelling like candy, though the artificial nature of Acqua makes it closer to a pack of tropical fruit Skittles than any natural fruit smells. This is actually the stage I enjoyed the most - I liked the way the unfocused sharpness mixed with the juiciness of the perfume.

It dried down to one of those salty-bodies-on-a-beach smells, sort of like a sweaty woman in a steamy shower with fragrant soap, but mixed with the lingering aquatic melon/lily mix. This part I didn't like as much. I feel weird wearing the smell of another person's body on myself, and I don't think Acqua does this beach body smell anywhere near as well as Fire Island, my favorite perfume for that effect.

I'm not big on aquatics. They often strike me as being too artificial, salty or headache-inducing. Missoni Acqua, while still not my cup of tea, is one of the nicest aquatics I've managed to try.

Opening with some pleasantly refreshing citrus and melon notes, Missoni Acqua has quite a tranquil, beachy feel to it. The floral heart, while somewhat synthetic, managed to impress me with a soapiness that I rather enjoyed.

I like the Summery feel that is portrayed in this fragrance. I'm just heading into Summer now and it makes me so excited for beach season, sun hats and pina coladas.

Watery and fresh, while Missoni Acqua is not particularly complex, the simplicity works. There is a sense of cleanliness, but it's not too dominating like some aquatic scents tend to be. I liked that this fragrance focused more on the fruity aspect rather than the synthetic, oceanic quality.

It was funny how the bottle design made me think of a swimming pool, so everytime I smelt this fragrance, for some strange reason I was surprised to discover that it didn't smell like chlorine.

Some mention a pinch of sweetness in Missoni Acqua, however I disagree, the natural, juicy melon note is what gives this fragrance that quality. The lasting power is so-so, however I consider that a pleasing aspect seeming that in hot weather it's nice to refresh yourself with a few spritzes here and there.

I love Tocade so tried (and loved) Missoni, feeling at this point I was on a roll & anything Maurice Roucel created would be my sort of thing in a big way I hunted this one out and tried it - oh dear, NOT for me.

The opening is bright and fresh, with the Bergamot creating a slightly sharp herbaceous aroma. The grapefruit is actual very subtle, unusual since it often over powers the other notes in fragrance. In Acqua it provides balance and sweetness to an otherwise herbal opening. There is a faint whiff of melon, I smell something akin to Honeydew. Soon after the opening Acqua cools down to an oceanic floral where fresh freesia meets something green and blue. It might sound silly to compare a scent with colour but Acqua really does live up to it's name by transporting the wearer to a cool, Mediterranean resort. When I wear Acqua I can almost feel the coolness of mosaic tiles beneath my feet and smell the salty air breeze of the ocean at a distance. There is a mingling of soft flowers and water but all the time Acqua remains refreshing and relaxed. It is certainly a weekend perfume for me and a perfect choice for hot days.My issue with Acqua is the staying power, or complete lack thereof. It disappears faster than a glass of chilled water on a scorching day. If you want to dabble with Acqua you need to be prepared to re-spray several times throughout the day. Since those hot days back i November Missoni has been a frequent feature in my life. I wore it last week and was stopped by two ladies who wanted to know what my perfume was, so Acqua's silage is better than might be expected. For a perfume that I had such low expectations of' I am actually very happy that I have it in my collection now.

An aquatic fruity/ floral. If you like fruity/ florals, it is a nice fresh summer scent. It is a clean melon note that is perfect for a day on the beach. When I first sprayed my sample of Missoni Acqua, I got a blast of watermelon, canteloupe, and bubble gum which lasted about 5 minutes. The dry down was much nicer with a light, some what sweet fruity/ floral scent. Very interesting and mellow on my skin. I like it, but not enough to purchase a full bottle.....maybe another sample.

You know, what aquatics are for men, fruity-florals are for women. Which means aquatics can be appreciated from a woman's perspective, without all the snobs falling on top of each other!I like this scent on a friend of mine. We did some wicked stuff together last summer (not what you think though. No, really ;) ) and I haven't smelled this scent on anyone else except on her. I love it on her.The scent was designed by Trudi Loren, VP at Estee Lauder. Sanchez/Turin bestow 4 stars on this aquatic. I have to agree from my subjective point of view. It's delicious on the right person.

When I sniffed this at the department store I loved it, but after taking a sample home and spraying it here, the magic is somewhat diminished for me. When you first spray it a rush of juicy melon can be detected, but the melon dissapears almost instantly leaving behind a fairly generic flowery smell. It isn't bad, but it's not exciting either. I wish the melon would stay longer, because it is the best part of the fragrance as far as I'm concerned. The floral leftovers seem like they would give me a headache after a while, and I don't want to stick around to find out. If you like very flowery smells, this one might be for you, don't get me wrong it is not at all bad, just not my style. Worth a sniff.

At first I thought Acqua showed promise. The first whiff evoked thoughts of a sunny day in Capri with its marine and ozone notes. After an hour, it inched its way to being a nondescript "sweet white floral blend". With Acqua, it seems that Missoni took the easy way out and decided that it would be best for it to smell like like a combination of generic sweet flowers or “watery bubblegum” as a fellow reviewer on MUA noted. I have had shampoos that smelled a whole lot more exciting than this.

Latex paint and melons. Complex but strange none the less.(It is an interesting though I could never wear it unless I was bound for a David Lynch screening.)

Acqua starts off like thousands of other basic fruity florals. When the flowers kick in it's time to break out the oxygen mask...a powdery green fog chokes off the air supply, leaving me drowning in Acqua. It's just too much.

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