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Missoni (2006 version) by Missoni

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Missoni (2006 version) is a women's perfume launched in 2006 by Missoni

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Reviews of Missoni (2006 version) by Missoni

There are 21 reviews of Missoni (2006 version) by Missoni.

I ordered a few carded samples of this off eBay about ten years ago after reading the review it got in the Guide. The chocolate note unfortunately ruins it for me.

If the chocolate-oranges sold around Christmas were issued without sugar you would have a good handle on Missoni. I rarely enjoy gourmand scents to this extent but this is quite nice. If you combined Grand Marnier with a dark chocolate liqueur it would smell surprisingly close.

Genre: Floral Oriental

Missoni opens with a buxom honeyed fruit note that's rescued from triviality by a judicious helping of …bittersweet chocolate. I can just imagine perfumer Maurice Roucel deciding to show off his brilliance by taking up the fruity floral cliché that now dominates the realm of mass market women's fragrances, and through virtuosic sleight-of-hand transforming it into something original and beautiful. This grand initial flourish left me curious as to what might follow, and if Roucel could possibly sustain the act. As it happens, the next episode is a cool, bright, yet paradoxically indolic/animalic floral accord that's at the same time both heady and refreshing. Meanwhile, the fruit takes on an exotic, tropical character as it recedes a few steps to further expose the floral blend. The honey and dark chocolate march on steadily beneath it all.

With its tropical fruit and blossoms, Missoni brings to mind Estee Lauder's Beyond Paradise, but Missoni is a richer, weightier scent. Where Beyond Paradise has hints of green aquatics in its background, Missoni rests on what smells like a trimmed down oriental amber base, and where Beyond Paradise is cool, abstracted, and ethereal, Missoni seems comparatively warm, grounded, and organic. Fruity floral oriental is how I'd sum up Missoni, and I enjoy it for the fact that it avoids on one hand the ponderous, opaque gourmand style, and on the other the crude, excessively cheerful banality that typifies the modern fruity floral. Nice.

chocolate pool water (the chlorinated kind) - revolting. like dior's dune from a nightmare dimension.

Turin gives this 5 stars and calls it a kaleidoscopic floral. He likens it to Tocade, which I loved (smoky, dry, dark oriental with a touch of sweetness), and to Beyond Paradise, which I felt so-so about (white florals with a green note).

Missoni has an unusual opening, one which is entirely new to me, but comes closest to freshly shaved milk chocolate. There's a dry, slightly musty quality to it as well, like that of a spice I can't quite place.

Obviously, a gourmand scent, not a floral - I detect no florals at all - it's a bit like sniffing a chocolate croissant, where the cocoa is definitely in the middle, but instead of encasing it in a sweet pastry dough, it has been served up in a bitter herb and spice savory dough. Reminiscent of a country store where bakery products, teas and chocolates are all in open display and all their scents mingling in the air.

Unique, yes, but rather unpleasant on one's body.

A juicy bouquet dipped in chocolate. Contra Sophia Grojsman's gross 100% Love, Maurice Roucel proves that an elegant chocolate fruity floral is possible. The effect is crystal clear at first – orange blossom, rose, peony, melon, apple, and that fine cocoa – but I should point out that the chocolate melts before the flowers drop their petals.

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