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With Miss Rocaille the first blast is very herbal, similar to way the Clinique Happy starts out. Honestly, I don't like either very much for those first few minutes until that aspect fades. It dries down to a primarily light lily of the valley scent with a hint of watery floral and a faint sweet citrus. It's my least favorite Caron that I own and I own and love many of them. It is a pretty light floral, but missing the sort of complexity and unique quality that Caron is known for.
1st March 2016
Caron launched Miss Rocaille in 2004. It was created by house nose Richard Fraysse and includes notes of mandarin, orange blossom, basil, jasmine, rose, lilac, lily of the valley, hyacinth, violet, water lily, musk and pistachio. The basil does give it a slightly masculine touch at the start, but it soon settles into a feminine floral blend over a trace of nutty pistachio I had to try this several times, thouth is was a little bit strange. Now this is my summer scent nr 1. It makes me feel fresh and uplifted. Try this!
28th September 2006

On other fragrance review sites I'd saw Miss Rocaille described as masculine. Masculine sure isn't a word I would use to describe Miss Rocaille. Tho, I could imagine if your chemistry makes the basil & jasmine overwhelming, perhaps it could be masculine. Luckily on my skin Miss Rocaille is really pretty. Mandarin, lilac, muget, well done jasmine and violet laced powder. This isn't a scent I'd normally be attracted to, but I really like this one. Makes me want to wrap myself in warm handmade quilts in the winter and walk in a flower garden in the summer. The box is really cute with the little polka dots & girly pink bottle. Very girly and as another reviewer said pixish. Worth a try!
14th May 2006
This is a fresh green floral. Light and playful! At first, the green was reminiscent of Estee Lauder's 'Alliage'. Miss Rocaille is quite a bit lighter and fluttery than Alliage - which I remember to be quite heavy in comparison. This fragrance brings to mind spring and youth. I'll have to dab some on before planting my annual flowers this year!
3rd March 2006