Miss Dior Eau Fraîche fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, fresh notes
  • Heart

    • gardenia, floral notes
  • Base

    • patchouli, sweet notes

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MISS DIOR is one of the pillars into female DIOR perfumes and this one is reminder one of the best from this pillar:MISS DIOR CHERIE.warm embrace between freshness and strength.a graceful and great blend to start your day.it is a very exciting perfume that makes you feel happy.sparkling, charming,fresh,cheerful, soapy, youthful and casual.

MISS DIOR EAU FRAICHE is composed of a sparkling floriental blend of the notes that result is an elegant,modern fragrance for the woman of the same character.citruses and bergamot are accented by galbanum,as well as jasmine and gardenia and patchouli in it's base.It scent reminds me of the summer and i can imagine a young woman wearing a cool sun dress and sandals.the dry down is soapy.

This EDT is for a younger age group or older age range that has a tendency for the younger clothing.it is perfect scent for daytime wear and for casual evenings out.in my opinion this is a wonderful choice for anyone who likes a clean,crisp slightly earthy floral scent but totally i still prefer original MISS CHERIE.
22nd April 2015
Floral notes with bergamot are the opening game, with no specific flower dominating on my skin. A light patchouli in the drydown does not alter the fact that this is a light, fresh and summary scent that is somewhat generic and - boring. Limited silage and projection with three hours of longevity.
8th January 2014