• The original Miss Dior from 1947 is now called Miss Dior Originale.

• This fragrance was previously known as Miss Dior Chérie and was originally launched in 2005. This fragrance was slightly reformulated in 2011 and is now known as Miss Dior.

• Thanks Dior for making things really easy. We love you for it! No really!

Miss Dior Eau de Parfum (previously Miss Dior Chérie) fragrance notes

    • cherry, pineapple, strawberry, mandarin, popcorn, jasmine, rose, violet, caramel, patchouli, amber, musk

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Youth is not wasted
On those wise enough to sense
Youth in their elders.
9th May 2021
This is a fragrance which brings me nothing but joy. It's effervescent, neither too sweet nor sharp - like mixing a sweet squash with sparkling water to add in the sourness of the carbon dioxide. I find myself unwilling to dissect it because I enjoy the experience so much. As it progresses there's a woody harshness in the base which is no bad thing, just pulling it back into adult territory; it could easily be too girlish if left to fizz away by itself.

Having originally got confused about the numerous variations on sale, I also own Miss Dior Le Parfum - that one is a slower, more syrupy animal altogether and doesn't have the energy of the EDP at all. Good for a winter fireside, perhaps, but not for carrying me away on a bubbly cloud of joy. Let go of your expectations and go with the fun.
20th September 2019

I think the large number of frags called "Miss Dior" get confusing. There is an original Miss Dior that was renamed. A "Miss Dior Parfum" that is different notes from "Miss Dior EDT" Combine that mess with a handful of flankers, and people get confused. Reading the above reviews, I'm convinced people are smelling/reviewing different things thinking it is "Miss Dior Cherie" This is a fruit-salad sweet fragrance with a hint of something they call popcorn. Drydown is a powdery fruit salad. Not bad, a bit to gourmand for my liking but Thumbs up for creativity.
22nd July 2017
Tried this one for three days to be sure. It must not work with my body chemistry. It smells lovely and girly on my shirt, but all I get on my skin is popcorn.

Popcorn! Who'd have thunk?
28th September 2016
When you wear Dior perfumes,people will give you great complements and ask you the name of the fragrance. MISS Dior is another head turner scent by Dior.It is a powerful yet gentle and interesting mixture of flowers,musk and patchouli that evokes thoughts of trees swaying on a warm spring night gentle breeze. floral,sweet,chic, Sophisticated,fresh and warm at the same time and absulutely french style.

This EDP has an perfect balance between classic Miss Dior and modern Miss Dior Cherie.the initial burst of italian mandarin,always pitched at the right scale, garlanded by other beautiful flowers and a subtle warmer base, retaining the perfect pitch of voice of a sophisticated to-the-manor-born woman who wants a fresh and elegant scent to accompany her most precious moments as makes her feel elegance and beautiful instantly.

Miss Dior EDP is not overhelming,just subtle enough to grab the attention of others.It is about serene mystery and playful sensuality. perfect for all ages groups who are feminine, sophisticated, and youthful in spririt.the bottle is cute and looks great on a dresser.this is a great casual fragrance but certainly classy enough for the office or romantic evenings.If you are looking for a more delicate version of the classic fabulous Miss Dior or a more mature of Miss Dior Cheriet this is for you.
24th June 2015
My wife likes Miss Dior as her summer fragrance. I really like it too, because it's less floral and more fruit than many of the other scents she wears. It has a sweet component, but then most of her fragrances seem very sweet to me and this is no worse. I don't know what the original Miss Dior was like, but on it's own, I think this version is very well done.
12th May 2015
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