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This is a very fresh summertime fragrance. I get light floral with a touch of green. Lasts a good long time. It does not smell "perfumey". I recently bought a bottle of this and somebody told me it smelled like fresh mowed hay.
2nd September 2012
This smelled so much like Max Mara to me, especially on the dry down. A wet, swampy, dewy, greenish, creamy gardenia with a dallop of musk.
31st March 2012

A person who has been used to Paris Hilton and Kimora Lee Simmons type scents would think Miss Dior Cherie L'eau is quite sophisticated, methinks. Not as bad as the original and I wouldn't be offended if I had to sit next to someone wearing it at work. In some ways it reminds me of a "pinker" L'eau de Serge Lutens. But overall, a waste of the name Dior.
18th January 2012
This "special" summertime limited edition tweaks its namesake by making it--surprise!--into a synthetic floral-aquatic perfume! I'm not much for aquatic frags in the first place, so it's not that surprising that I prefer both of this fragrance's predecessors and namesakes (MISS DIOR CHERIE and MISS DIOR) to this yuck festival. Sure there's no popcorn or caramel here, and some may regard that as an improvement. I, however, prefer those notes to dishwasher detergent.

Although the brief floral opening of MISS DIOR CHERIE L'EAU seems potentially promising, the synthetic floral aquatic amalgam--which has somewhat of a drowned lotus or bloated water-lily feeling--ends up making me feel a bit seasick. Yes, the dreaded "abstract florals" strike once again. Honestly, the overall effect is not unlike the "fragrance" created through opening my dishwasher mid-cycle.

I was thinking about complaining about the niggardly one-third-full sample spray vial that I was given of this scent (at the S place), but having now worn it, I realize that any more would have stayed in the vial anyway. Désolée.
5th August 2011
Quite an enchanting, refreshing and simplistic fragrance which will certainly appeal to a wide audience I am sure.

The grapefruit is quite strong, yet not repulsive or cheap smelling. This fragrance is sophisticated, feminine and charming.

Miss Dior Cherie L'eau is bright, revitalising, fresh and Summery, it is absolutely bursting with life. The scent is also quite light and airy so I doubt that this fragrance would ever offend.

This fragrance has a certain girlishness about it, it speaks youth to me. Hence I'd most likely recommend this fragrance to younger consumers. The lasting power is average, roughly 3-4 hours, which I'm not bitterly disappointed over. I'd see no harm in reapplying during the day.

5th June 2011
Seriously, what's the point? It just smells generic-floral, generic-clean. Not really any "greenness" to speak of. The other one was at least fun.
28th August 2010
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