Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet (previously Miss Dior Chérie Blooming Bouquet) 
Christian Dior (2008)


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Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet (previously Miss Dior Chérie Blooming Bouquet) by Christian Dior

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Originally known as Miss Dior Chérie Blooming Bouquet, but relaunched in 2014 as Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

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Reviews of Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet (previously Miss Dior Chérie Blooming Bouquet) by Christian Dior

There are 8 reviews of Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet (previously Miss Dior Chérie Blooming Bouquet) by Christian Dior.

Blooming Bouquet is the new Miss Dior's modern musky vest and a u-turn while compared with the original Miss Dior 1947 (the great maison's approach to feminine perfumery with a bold animalic floral-aldehydic chyprè old-school creation performed by perfumers Paul Vacher, Serge Heftler Louiche and Jean Carles). While the original bigger pre-Ifra "massive" Miss Dior used to turn out green, grassy, mossy, hesperidic, sombre and assertive with its masterful sophisticated balance of diverse mossy-grassy (cistus, oakmoss, galbanum), floral-aldehydic (a complex floral bouquet mostly focused on gardenia, orris, narcissus and jasmine), ambery-animalic (amber, castoreum) and woody (vetiver in particular) elements, the new Blooming Bouquet is a far cleaner and brighter soapy-neutral peony-centered chic floral-musky accord with just a faint chyprè aura and a joyful "sparkling" musky-soapy twist. Yes, a bold, bright and soapy floral focused around fresh citrus (mostly orange), gracious rose and (most of all) starring peony (the brighter most diaphane/dreamy floral note of the nature), overall surrounded by this extremely clean and sensual white musk. The soapiness is rosey, musky and green, indeed. Yes, this juice is a blast of sophisticated "rosey" simplicity but "watery" peony is the musky star of the olfactory fatigue. Clean and with a sort of "cleansing milk or nourishing moisturizing cream like" cosmetical vibe. Blooming Bouquet is ideal for the hot weather since it seems to provide a permanent cool-dry sensual feminine aura around the (joung) wearer (it is the typical daily hostess-fragrance, clean, graceful, balmy and dry). The initial citric presence is well modulated, delicate and never intrusive or angular. I detect orange and a faint green presence while the original Miss Dior opening was yet sombre, angular, grassy, massive and aldehydic. The balance between rose and peony is simply perfect as real core of the formula while the faint fruity elements (citrus, peach?) are barely adumbrated as well as patch (just minimal and lost in a general balmy soapiness) which reinforces structure providing balance in the middle of soapy muskiness. The latter (initially bright and sparkling) provides (as connected to patchouli) a final sense of sensual musky "more shadowy" intimacy. Sillage is more the "presenceful" while longevity is medium on my skin. Recommend.

Dior woman knows how to love, how to live. DCBB is sophisticated in it's simplicity. A whimsical interpretation of the original. This scent is more floral, less fruity. Sweet without being cloying, bright without suffocating. This is a modern young floral fragrance for women less heady. The peony and rose are well-balanced and held together by a subtle fresh fruity note. Fresh, romantic, elegant, charming, soft, subtle, sparkling, semi sweet daytime scent.

The fragrance begins with fresh light citrusy notes of mandarin. Middle notes are inspired by the delicacy of peony and rose and hints of peach. Then it dries down to a lovely clean musk and a touch of patchouli. This combination revelas a romantic floral that exudes elegance, grace and intimacy. I would call it a day scent, not really mature enough for anyting formal. Any woman could pull this off. In conclusion if you love peony, this might be for you.

I thought that this smelled very cheap and one dimensional. I am shocked that Dior would produce this.

I was greeted with orange and a gentle floral note, predominantly peony. In the drydown a rose note appeared and blended nicely with the others. The base developed patchouli, but nothing disrupted the nice, summery flair that characterises this scent, which is a nice composition but not really overly rivoting. Adequate silage and projection with nearly three hours of longevity.

Miss Dior Chérie Blooming Bouquet is probably my favorite of the Miss Dior by Dior line. It's fresh and girly but still sophisticated, and good for light, breezy days where you don't want to have a heavy perfume cloud surrounding you, but just enough that people know you're wearing perfume. I usually wear this for my AP classes and everyone tells me that I smell amazing. I like spraying this scent on my scarves because the smell sort of clings but fades to a nice, flowery scent that's feminine but not too strong.

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