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Pierre Balmain (1967)

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Miss Balmain by Pierre Balmain

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Pierre Balmain
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Miss Balmain is a women's perfume launched in 1967 by Pierre Balmain

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Reviews of Miss Balmain by Pierre Balmain

There are 20 reviews of Miss Balmain by Pierre Balmain.

Like a Vintage gold boudoir at midnight filled with old postcards and photographs, antique furniture, fur and jewerlies, small glass bottles with perfume and cherry liquor, pantyhose lying around, sensual Allison Hayes has amazing erotic sex with her passionate lover. A Leathery herbaceous that's truly wonderful. The woods, the moss, the flowers, the leather and the spices are all there but none dominates over the other.

The coriander and aldehydic note in the crisply citric head, possibly laced with green notes that's clean and refreshing, and also has a pleasantly mysterious vegetal quality. But after those first 20 minutes, i get nothing but leather for hours.and not girly soft handbag leather, but vintage black leather cafe racer jacket it's deep dry note which stay until the dry down.the dry down leaves you with a foresty mossy pillow, touched lightly with a patchouli. It laughs at hot showers, goes swimming in the laudry, dances under the garden hose.

I like Bandit and Cabochard, but after this beauty, not so much anymore. What a scent...

Leathery floral perfection (vintage parfum).

I dislike Bandit, but I love Miss Balmain. There is something in this one (coriander? carnation?) that allows some light to enter the darkly leathered picture and softens the ice-pick-to-the-nose attitude that leather chypres can exhibit. Miss B is still bitter and mossy and smokey, don't get me wrong, but there are moments of florality and citrus here that make her shadowy, rather than pitch black. I find the combination of rough leather and cigarette pack both mysterious and sophisticated in a rather worldly and sexily androgynous way. Yum!

EDP from 1970.
Well, here you go with the beautiful butter of Oakmoss.
The Adelhydes, Citrus and Florals provide a landscape which leads to a soft Feminine Leather , nicely powdered up with Tonka and Amber.
Some say similar to Cabochard. Maybe, however the Cabochard Vintage leans a little more Masculine. Miss Balmain is very nice for the girls.

On my skin, way too much leather and too one dimensional. Could not get 'English Leather' out of my mind. Only after 6 hours do the somewhat less aggressive notes come through and does it become a more restrained, feminine scent (at least on me). Much prefer my spicy florientals. Will not buy again.

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