Miracle fragrance notes

  • Head

    • lychee, freesia
  • Heart

    • magnolia, ginger, pepper
  • Base

    • musks, amber, jasmine

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Very elegant smelling, but the lasting power and sillage was nothing special. I like the overall composition of the notes, they generally work really well together. The only off-putting note for me is the ginger but I know a lot of people who like earthy aromas will like it. Overall, it's on the safe side for Lancome, sweet and fresh for an office vibe.
13th June 2019
Miracle is just ok. A little bit floral, a bit sweet, a bit fruity. Nothing bad, but nothing impressive either.
10th March 2018

The subtle serene smell of Miracle perks up my every morning and made me crave for the scent the whole day!
2nd May 2016
Miracle is a gentle pretty fragrance. It's fresh and feminine with freesia and magnolia. A peppery note keeps things interesting. It's not overly complicated, and it's suitable for any occasion. It fills my desire for quieter fragrances at the moment.
26th April 2015
MIRACLE is a source of wealth,vitality,and youth.it evokes the idea of sweet, innocent femininity and a sublime,fragile beauty.flowery,fresh, appealing, elaborate,young,crisp and full of life.

The top notes are sparkling and fresh with litchi and freesia.the predominantly magnolia as middle notes bring brightness and femininity.the musk, amber and jasmine provide a DREAMY scent in the end as it will represent a sweet,lovely full of life young woman.

Nice choice for those who wants to live their fairytale fantasy as it is like a light breeze in your face and reminds me walking in a rainy spring weather at a garden when she wear blue light shirt with mini jean skirt under our umbrella!a really refreshing scent and what could be a better choice for the first day of spring?
21st October 2014
The top notes with freesia, lychee and magnolia merge into a rich, intensive floral- fruity peachy mixture that comes off very nicely on my skin. Ginger arrives in the drydown and dampens the sweeter components, that are never overpowering or cloying though, and towards the end a definite lighter amber note is added. Thus all is very well blended and has very good silage and projection. The longevity is superb with nearly ten hours on me. One of the most convincing Lancômes.
24th February 2014
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