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Mimosaïque by Nicolaï

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Mimosaïque is a women's perfume launched in 1992 by Nicolaï

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Reviews of Mimosaïque by Nicolaï

There are 5 reviews of Mimosaïque by Nicolaï.

Genre: Floral

Mimosaïque is a gentle, pretty green mimosa and fruit composition of classical simplicity and crystalline clarity. In style it resembles L'Artisan Parfumeur's excellent Mimosa pour Moi, but Mimosaïque is a more tart, more fruity, and hence ultimately a brighter scent. There is a candy-like quality to Mimosaïque's sweetness, but it's to Patricia de Nicolaï's credit that the scent never seems cheap or artificial. This is not a deep or complex fragrance, and there's very little development to speak of. Depth and complex development are clearly not the goals here. Mimosaïque is meant to be a happy smell, and in that it succeeds admirably. One of the nicest mimosa soliflores I've tried. Smile!

Oh, this one has such potential, but just does not deliver in the long run.
It opens with an airy, faintly fruity floral, and it is ever so slightly powdery. But the whole experience is one of a greenish skin scent - not tart and not overdone. But also, not really establishing itself.
There is iris in here, contributing to the hint of powder and also controlling the white floral aspect to keep it in line.
This does not last long, and is not throwing all these lovely notes out there. But it does what it does very well. Reapply at will and you will find a very nice perfume. It has it's charms, even if spoken quietly and softly.

Caveat: I've never smelled mimosa, so I can't compare Mimosäique to the flower.

Mimosäique isn't so much pale or wan as it is weak. It starts with a pretty, soapy note that seems somehow more fruity, though not sweet, than floral. It actually reminds me of the flower/apple scent of chamomile essential oil, both the German and the Roman varieties. It's a very pretty note, but within 15-20 minutes all that's left is the vague scent of a weak chamomile tisane.

MIMOSAÏQUE starts off a little green, a little floral with a fig-like note lurking in the background. It gets brighter and louder, almost strident even, and the mimosa scent finally comes onto its own. If L'Artisan Parfumeur's Mimosa Pour Moi is about the flower, de Nicolai's rendition include the leaves and twigs as well. As far as mimosa soliflores go, I much prefer L'Artisan's softer, more subtle take.

This captures the true smell of a mimosa tree perfectly. I remember buying a few sprigs of Mimosa,to cheer up the room I was renting in Alsace, and am transported back there every time I spray this on. It is a very distinctive smell and not to everyone's taste, but I love this Nicolai version. Anise lends a spicy note and I suspect other floral notes are in here too. The sillage is not wonderful, but just keep topping it up -it is so uplifting and refreshing!

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