Jean-Claude Ellena:

As a perfumer, Mimosa Tanneron can be described as an ode to tenderness, sweetness, and the sensations of blossoming love.

Mimosa Tanneron fragrance notes

  • Head

    • mimosa
  • Heart

    • hawthorn, rose
  • Base

    • white musk

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Light as a feather, hay-like mimosa offering, that, depending on one's mood, will either wow with its delicacy and recollection of open fields or leave the wearer a bit nonplussed and wondering if they're actually smelling a perfume at all, as the clean musk used leaves it so flattened it could pass as a memory of certain uber-gentle herbal shampoos. I think I fall into the latter camp, though I catch occasional glimpses of the intention.
10th September 2021