Millésime Impérial 
Creed (1995)

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Millésime Impérial by Creed

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Millésime Impérial is a shared scent launched in 1995 by Creed

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Reviews of Millésime Impérial by Creed

There are 243 reviews of Millésime Impérial by Creed.

Yeah, a really pleasant oceanic cantaloupe with a base of floral and musk. Definitely unisex. This is cloned by the hollister H for him fragrance that's $17/50ml. It is very pleasant and I enjoy this, but I think it's too unisex to be attractive on a man or woman. Pass.

What comes to mind when wearing this scent is Lois Griffin's description of their stay in purgatory during Peter's week off: "This isn't bad. It's not that good. But... eh, it's not that bad".

On my skin Millesime Imperial has no body or character and it wears off pretty quickly as well. Once my sample is all used up that will be the end of that.

This is my favorite scent, period! The opening with the mix of citrus & sea notes are simply heavenly. Obviously, the one knock against it is its lack of longevity, which I will admit I'd love for it to be longer lasting, but for the scent itself, it's absolutely worth it, in my opinion.

If you're still around in the fragrance game after 27 years you must be doing something right, and Vintage Millésime Impérial still remains a sensational scent. It is a jewel of perfume. This fragrance undoubtedly has the vibe of the 90s without being outdated. However the fresh note here is not treated in the typical 90's manner. The saltiness, the freshness, the complexity, the way all the notes blended together masterfully. This scent evokes a feeling of greatness, self-confidence, freshness and peace.

Millésime Impérial opens with a moderate projection of citrus, marine and fruity accords. The opening is fresh, mild, unique and pleasant. The bergamot is first note to come up with a frozen watermelon tone but it subsides quickly as other notes climb up, specifically a marine note, evocative of oceanic breeze with a light salty touch. As time passes, the bergamot and watermelon takes one step down and the iris and woody notes develop creating a subtle powdery and airy touch that boosts the fragrance but not beyond it's initial citrusy fruity notes. Suitable for a gentleman dandy, classy and refined. Smooth and long lasting with a strong presence even in the dry down.

I was a little disappointing upon receiving my sample based on the many glowing reviews.

Opens with oceanic salty (water?)melon with the metallic note reminiscent of Silver Mountain Water soon appearing. Classic Creed base evident in the dry down with just a touch of salt and fruitiness.

It's better than SMW but still, something about that metallic note is discordant with my nose. Performance can also be compared to SIW.


One of a million

Weak, even at first spray. By far the weakest Creed Ive tried. Its salty and fruity. Has that creed base that feels fine, but a bit more watered down than in their standard ilk.
Just comes across as a fruity salty frag. Unremarkable.

Based on the inflated price im going thumbs down. It would be neutral at about $55.

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