Miksado fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Bergamot, Labdanum, Saffron
  • Heart

    • Cedar, Geranium, Gaiac Wood
  • Base

    • Patchouli, Vanilla, Enigmatic Musks

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Latest Reviews of Miksado

I agree that this is a very dark and gloomy scent.
I find this a dark Musky Soapy fragrance.
Brilliant perfumery that is blended perfectly that smells very niche..... love it.
Opens up very bright but within half an hour the darkness falls and it does to me have like a clean shampoo smell to it. Dark Pantene anyone?
Opens strong and settled after first hour then lasts on the skin for many hours. So it's a thumbs up for me.

Overall Scent 9- 10
Performance 8- 10
Sillage 7.2- 10

I love it for myself
17th September 2022
I ordered a sample and tried the whole ml in one go…

To my surprise I could only smell whiffs of spices & musk in a very cologne sort of way.

Is this perfume meant to be a extrait?

I am thoroughly disappointed with the fragrance & the brand…

Medium to down thumbs!
26th September 2021

Jeroboam Miksado is one of the spiciest and woodiest fragrances I've experieced in my life, a doping syrupy musky dark accord causing addiction (if you are in to refined woodiness-mood). Moody and kinky this juice is a jump in the inky darkness of the appalling suburbia. The supreme juicy spiciness is fruity in a kind of caramellous way, a sort of berrish jam with a woody undertone. Saffron is hypnotic. I wonder how red fruits from the forest are not listed in the notes-parade. The fruity and the spicy notes are perfectly amalgamated inside a general woody-musky olfactory construction. This central woodiness is highly sophisticated in a sort of juicy soapy way, empowered in subtle spiciness and refined floral aura. Geranium and cedar provide a sort of masculine fresher spark in the middle of a warmer soapy muskiness. The main combination of saffron, rootiness, gaiac, musk and resins conjures me the main Montale Aoud Musk's accord but in a sort of fruitier-soapier way. Funther creations jumping on mind are Acampora Nero and Carner Barcelona Cuirs because of their central musky-saffronish woody accord supported by spices and balsams. Patchouli provides a sort of dark stable backbone and olfactory structure to the general musky chord. The final enigmatic muskiness is vaguely fizzy and kind of furry. Frankly nowadays I don't crave for such a spicy kind of woody accords which are finally too "gloomy", "overcharged" and pungent (also in here I finally detect that typical "gassiness" coming from synth woody resins). This juice is extremely dark and saturnine, a quite mysterious sinny experience perfect for lycanthropes, princes of darkness, night clubs explorers and the sex-addicted wolves of the metropolitan winter night out.
10th May 2021