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Nummy. I feel it's the best of the line as well. This is really one of the standouts for me, but all their offerings are getting better & are worth a try especially at their super low prices. This is just the one that works the best on me.It's pretty linear with the sweet, but not sugar sweet, real fruit sweet, raspberry overtones that last all throughout. The Lavender keeps it dry & meshes so nicely with the white talc. Almond milk keeps it juicy & the leaves, respectively, raspberry & tangerine keep it tangy. The vanilla mellows it all nicely. It's a fruity flowery juicy dry scent & everyone loves it. It's perfect for everyday wear when you need something fresh, yummy, but dry enough to be adult. & I doubt you will smell this on another soul. One of my mellow easygoing everyday faves.Even if this dosnt seem like your kind of perfume look up the Voluspa line just to check out the packaging. Very cute.Something funny about the mignonette bloom:http://blog.serenataflowers.com/2006/07/mignonette_the_.html
Sep 4, 2008

Gorgeous concoction -- easily my favorite of the Voluspa line thus far. Longevity doesn't seem to be as much of an issue with this one as it is with other Voluspa edt's, no, but I still find Mignonette lacking in the longevity department. Wonderful use of fruit notes here, btw. Mignonette is really too feminine for me to wear out in public, so I think I'll just stick to the candle versions to appreciate this frag. I wish that Voluspa would create a men's frag (for home and body alike), or at least one that had some real "teeth" to it (and longevity). I see a lot of potential here, though.
Apr 3, 2008

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