Midnight Tryst fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Cinnamon, Clove
  • Heart

    • French Narcissus, Gardenia, Magnolia, Rose
  • Base

    • Amber, Patchouli, Benzoin, Dark Vanilla, Castoreum, Civet

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Oh, baby, I'm a hunter in the dark of the forest
I've been stalking you and tracking you down
Cruising up and down the main drag all night long
We could be standing at the top of the world
Instead of sinking further down in the mud
You and me 'round about midnight...
15th July 2022
This is one of the best animalic fragrance beasts I have ever tried: it is right up there with SL's MKK. It has a wonderful cinnamon topnote in it. The whole thing is just full and lush. I consider whom I am going to encounter when I want to use this fragrance.
28th February 2016

Rich, buttery labdanum meets dark, sultry florals on an animalic bed of civet & castoreum. The opening is spicy, with a retro, head shop vibe. The floral notes are hard to pick out individually, but they're thick & dense, & there's a honeyed rose in there somewhere. The whole feel of this is dark & dangerous, slightly bittersweet, a real vamp of a perfume! Four hours in, the florals fade, leaving a warm, fuzzy base of nutty labdanum, subtly animalic but not too filthy. Eleven hours in it seems to be fading, but I'm still getting animalic whiffs from my arm twenty-two hours after application. That's outstanding performance, in my book.
By turns this reminds me of Tauer's Le Maroc pour Elle, Stoned by Solange Azagury-Partridge & L'Ombre Fauve. To combine three perfumes that I absolutely adore is quite a feat, & I've got to say I'm rather blown away by this one! Recommended to lovers of vintage-style orientals everywhere.
27th January 2016
Starts out somewhat muted. I initially get a hint of high quality oil paint squeezed from a tube onto a palatte. Then it quickly evolves into a sumptuously rich and rounded spice and humus melange. Within 20 minutes a velvety and darkly flavored mixed floral comes to the fore.

At this stage I note a sense of taste as well as the sense I am smelling this fragrance with the inside tissue of my nostrils--in fact with my total olfactory zone!

Smooth, polished and deep, the basenotes perfectly wrap the sensual florals in a thin overlay of delicious animalic tones, all sliding into a slowly emerging glow that lasts and lasts.

Very high quality and just a beauty of a fragrance!
22nd January 2011
Midnight Tryst contains very many of my favorite notes in a scent and it doesn't fail to deliver .It's beautifully blended - the liquid itself attests to the quality of this scent- its oily in feel ,rich in ingredients .I love the clovey spicy cinnamon top .It's diffficult for me to pick out each individual floral note but the combination of all the notes reminds me somewhat of Tabac Blond by Caron with that edgey darkness and animalic feel underpinning the baroque ambery balsamic sweetness. Classic, vintagey goodness. Warmth ,depth and character. This is a beauty . Caron lovers - take note , you'll probably love this one. Definitely 5 stars. Thanks Suga ! :)
4th October 2010
Midnight Tryst is a floriental of a like I've not yet come across. An edgeless, powdery cinnamon top note leads to a floral heart, banana-tinged ylang-ylang and jasmine to my nose, melded to a creamy opoponax with a faint hint of dirtiness in the background. After the first few hours the flowers exit and the base emerges, vanillic balsams, amber, and sweet patchouli in a traditional oriental vein. I find the development of Midnight Tryst delightful. It's the classical three-tiered progression, yet all it is noticeable from first sniff - spicy top notes, floral heart, and plush oriental base. As time progresses, each translucent layer is pealed off in succession. If you've tried Diptyque's Eau Lente, you'll find something similar here, albeit less dense and more complex due to overt florals and a subtle animal undertone. The dirt meet flowers accord is more akin to another Neil Morris, Gandhara, but Midnight Tryst is a less eccentric fragrance by far, something soft and comfortable, every hard edge smoothed over. All in all, consider me a fan.
27th April 2010