Midnight Pomegranate fragrance notes

  • Head

    • pomegranate, sparkling citrus, dewberry, anise, cinnamon, nutmeg
  • Heart

    • cassis, blackberry, iris, jasmine, raspberry
  • Base

    • musk, sandalwood, vanilla, tobacco, patchouli

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Midnight Pomegranate is indeed evocative of Christmas or Thanksgiving holidays. It starts off super spicy, and dies down into a more fruity concoction. Notes like nutmeg and tobacco give it a darkness, and a rich complexity. It's sparkling and juicy. A great offering from B&BW!
13th June 2016
One of my favorite scents from B&BW. I think this was one of the first scents that I chose myself and got from the store! I used to wear this all the time as a young teenager.

I get compliments pretty much every time I use this scent. But most girls around me know it immediately since they used to love it too!

It's a pretty simple scent. It's kind of a tangy, fruity smell with a hint of floral and sweetness. The tangyness goes away after a while.

Idk, maybe it is because I used it in middle school, but the scent seems a bit too juvenile for my age so I don't think I will get it again.

16th March 2014

Discovering this fragrance was a Proust moment for me. I smelled it at line dance class, a fragrance, or even a note, that I have remembered and pursued ever since my early childhood, and that was many many decades ago!! When I heard the word, pomegranate, I was pleasantly surprised, as that has always been a favorite in scented candles. So, now I am wearing it (the lotion), and am very pleased with it. As I read the Fragrance Notes, I have to say, it is the Base Notes in this fragrance that really come through to me as recognizable. And I think it is the tobacco/sandalwood combo that gives
the signature to this scent. I'm not exactly sure what "tobacco" as a basenote smells like, and to be honest, it doesn't seem appealing, and yet, I think it is the smokiness that I have been pursuing all along. I detect a bit of "60's" feel to it, and that surely must be the patchouli along with the exotic sandalwood. I'd have to call this a unisex fragrance. I like it very much. I am slow to make something a new favorite, but this is definitely working on me!
17th September 2012
This was my daily scent before I got hooked on Sensual Amber, and I have to admit that as a result of using this scent, I'm still very fond of pomegranate scents. However, this scent doesn't dry the best and can smell too sticky sweet or too chemically at different points following its application. A great scent, but could use some improvement.
5th November 2009
I just got this in the body spray as I thought it would be a nice "exotic" for summer as it smells pretty fruity at first, then dries down spicy. My beloved sensual amber/flowerbomb combo is a bit heavy for 90+ temps! I also plan on layering it with my Jo Malone Pomegranite Noir in the fall to freshen it up a bit and with my SL un bois vanille just for fun! This seems to be a fragrance that works year round. Also the home products---candle, fragrance oil--are really great!
13th July 2008
The opening notes are wonderful, it's a shame the basenotes ruin it. Imagine dark fruit (not real pomegranate, but something better). Smells "purple" to me. It's really shameful that so many wonderful fragrances are ruined by basenotes of musk and vanilla (and tobacco in this one!). Drydown smells like a very cheap ladies perfume. But the first few minutes are unique.

The above review is from years ago. Yes, the first few minutes are amazing, but the drydown isn't as bad as I originally thought. This unisex fragrance is definitely something every other guy out there isn't wearing. And often I smell quite a bit of cinnamon in it. In fact, if it weren't for the tobacco leaf (not tobacco) and patchouli (and anise is listed), it would be too feminine to wear, in my opinion. However, "Midnight" Pomegranate is actually more of a bright, daytime scent.
15th January 2008
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