Midnight Poison 
Christian Dior (2007)


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Reviews of Midnight Poison by Christian Dior

There are 45 reviews of Midnight Poison by Christian Dior.

Midnight Poison - Dior
A hectic rollercoaster that rides itself off the track in the end. It goes all kind of directions and is all over the place, especially in the beginning. Ginger, jammy sour blackberry, violet leaf, soft fruityness, cool spearmint, spicy bitter-tea and sticky white floral all fighting for position. When the rose comes through flanked by a spicy aniseed it gets a tad more cohesive but still feels chaotic and disorientated; it catches a dark purple sour-bitter and waxy-gummy tonality that you either hate or love. To me it smells like overcooked red gabbage with clove. Pluche vanilla with some added smoke, a gourmand-like patchouli with a chocolate, coffee and cotton-candy identity fill up the base in a cloud of white musk. Weird and overpolished smelling with a musty-bitter tonality that is off-putting. Still I think that there are people out there that actually love this, I wouldnt be suprised. Midnight Poison never really settles in a way to really feel comfortable, and although that might be the set-up with this perfume, it doesnt work for me.
Jul 15, 2019

Where has this intoxicating fragrance been all my life, and why did it take me so long to find it? And now once I've finally found it, why is it practically extinct? Whose abomination of an idea was it to discontinue this beauty?

I had a fraction of a sample vial of this lying around and never gave it so much as a glance until now because I was under the impression that this was identical to the Elle fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent. That one and me did not get along at all, with it smelling like rusty pennies and thorny roses on me (emphasis more on the pointy thorns than the billowy flowers). I assumed that Midnight Poison would react the same so I never wanted to waste the few drops on my skin and instead banished it to sit in my partially 'used' sample pile. I don't know what posessed me to reach my hand randomly into that pile today and pick this other than I was in the mood for something different than my monthly rotation and wanted a distraction. What a wonderful decision that was! The differences between these two scents on my skin by the way are as night and day.

Midnight Poison is creamy roses shrouded behind soft blankety velvet curtains of patchouli and amber. I thought I detected amber without reading the notes first as it began to take on a chocolate accord now and again. It never completely overtakes the rose and instead just wraps itself and dances around the lovely bouquet. The roses still have their stems and leaves in tact, with just a wisp of green earthy notes, these were freshly plucked off the bush after being freshly watered by rain and maybe a bit of soil from the ground has made it's way onto the flowers a bit. The soil and green notes must be patchouli, with a more vulnerable/sheepish side to it that I've never seen. This patchouli has been tamed where in most compositions it runs wild and overpowers everything in sight.

I could continue to ramble on and wax poetic on this fragrance for the rest of the day but I'll try to contain myself. In all honesty, this is one of the sexiest rose fragrances I've ever smelled. Just a few years ago, I thought I couldn't wear rose fragrances, that they were all too sharp and dusty. Then I stumbled upon Givenchy Very Irresisitible and for the first time, roses were sweet and fresh and youthful. And I didn't think it could get any better than that. But VI does not hold a candle to this dame. And were it not discontinued I would be buying a bottle as we speak instead of writing this long review to make up for my sadness that there is no way of ever obtaining any more of it, at least in it's original glory.

I suppose I'll hold out for the day that Dior relaunches it and doesn't totally butcher the scent in the process, or I'll try to find another dupe that makes me feel somewhat less restless. I almost regret that I used the last of my sample to discover a divine perfume that I'll never have again, but as the saying goes "tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."
Feb 16, 2019

The opening of Midnight Poison is actually quite sweet, like a mixture of fruits and flowers, but fortunately with a well elaborated subtlety. It then gradually evolves into a rose-amber scent spiced up by patchouli. I also get a tease of pepper, which reminds me of a phase of Perles de Lalique drydown. The whole fragrance is more on the dry side to my nose. The vanilla here does not contribute to a creamy texture. The sillage is relatively close but it holds on well on my skin.

Well, I don't find MP particularly dark or masculine. If it was marketed in the bottle of Pure Poison or Tendre Poison, I would not be surprised. It's not difficult to wear, nor is it very complicated. However, I see it a fragrance that helps bringing out one's own personality, a fragrance with caracters and attitude without being pretentious, like a well crafted leather jacket.
Dec 29, 2018

Gingerbread, red berries, 'rose', incense, patchouli; retelling of Poison myth, very synthetic. Radiates like Russian nuclear plant. Suggest to avoid but has been discontinued, unlike nuclear plant.

Nov 22, 2017

Love at first sniff. I need a full bottle.
It's the rebel of the poison family. The most different one. In the opening, I got a lot of rum, and fruit (red and yellow) mixed together. I wish it had lasted longer, but the beautiful rose and patchouli that followed were as addictive.

Poison family, take all my money.
Apr 20, 2017

Goodness! I had no idea I would enjoy this little gem so much!

I found a mini for sale on ebay and it came in the mail today. Upon application, it was extremely LOUD and yelled HELLO! I AM ON YOUR WRIST! I thought "well damn, here is money down the drain". But I waited (thank goodness! price/ml was not low!), and it paid me back in spades in the dry-down - oh boy - this will have my paycheck...so pretty...the bottle is gorgeous as well!

Rose and Patchouli done VERY well. Just let the screaming citrus do its thing like a temperamental two year old, and you'll be fine - really!
Sep 30, 2016

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