Midnight Fleur  
Nest (2012)

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Reviews of Midnight Fleur by Nest

There are 5 reviews of Midnight Fleur by Nest.

The jasmine hides behind the orchid and wood, for quite some time. I can eventually smell it. The dry down is pleasant enough. A deep whiff reveals patchouli and amber. Overall, it is a milky, floral, oriental. Good, for late winter - early spring.
Oct 17, 2017

Though there are no fruity notes, the sweet vanilla mixed with the heady florals make it smell jammy. Like another reviewer said, the patchouli reminds me of Angel, but the florals make it more feminine. Definitely a rich evening scent. It smells good on me, but not captivating enough to make me want a bottle
Aug 2, 2017

Strong powdery at opening. Reminds me of angel but difference is angel mixes heavily with pachuli, midnight fleur is mixed with floral. I like angel a lot but the patchouli on my skin is very masculine but MF is more feminine. Also angel's vanilla is more gourmand like, MF is the non gourmand type of vanilla.

Colors I think of: blue, gold.
Words I think of: red carpet, cinderella's castle, power, wealth.
Impression: very strong, 1 spritz is enough to fill the room and will use conservatively if in office.
Suitable age (objective): 25+
Rating: 9.2/10
Dec 26, 2016

This is a STRONG scent on my skin; one spray is a gracious plenty! Two sprays overwhelms me a bit. I do like this one, but only in the Fall and Winter months. It has a bit of a masculine vibe for sure, definitely unisex in my book. I will enjoy my travel size, but probably wouldn't buy a full bottle of this one. A little bit goes a looooong way!
May 19, 2016

While initially pleasant on paper in a most misdirecting way, Midnight Fleur is almost disgusting to me on skin. The vanilla, amber, and patchouli mix creates an unfortunate cakey smell which is cloying, powdery, and unpleasant. The jasmine is just hiding in the background, or perhaps it became stuck in the cake.
The whole experience feels like Bvlgari Blv Notte after being put through a compactor and left in the sun. I have no idea how this was green-lit as an idea, save that, just maybe, the firm ran out of budget and had to release this one 'as is.'In any event it is utterly repellent.
Dec 28, 2015

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