Midnight Fantasy 
Britney Spears (2007)

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Reviews of Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears

There are 22 reviews of Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears.

Bought a small bottle on clearance for $7. My daughter use to love the original. The original made a statement. This one is mildly pleasant. I love the bottle.
Jul 31, 2015


The smell of this perfume directly reflects the personality and image of BRITNEY SPEARS as it is sweet and sensual.
MIDNIGHT FANTASY turned out to be much better that i actually expected that it would be.It evoking memories of hot party nights filled with a sensuality intensity where anything is possible. Sweet,Charming,Modern,Cute,Fruity,Feminine and Lovely.

It opens with a sheer sophistication that personifies its creator, BRITNEY SPEARS.Plum and sour cherry are wrapped up by a soft bouquet of floral notes like orchid and iris,soothed with warm amber and sensual vanilla that it makes you smell flirty and passionate at the same time.the fragrance is nice but by no means unique in anyway.

This perfume is perfect for anytime of year from summer until winter.suitable for an evening out or when you are in a fancy but flirty kind of mood.It is inexpensive and besides whatever it costs it sure worth it.if you always loved those and wanted to recapture the feeling in a sexy little number for Summer/Winter evenings,go ahead and indulge,it's calorie-free!


Longevity?Very Good on my skin.

Jun 1, 2015

don't know why, but when I first smelled this, the first thing that came to mind was apricot, followed by maybe a sweet orange, but somehow darker. Seeing that neither of those were in there, and I was just smelling the plum and sour cherry really surprised me.

That being said though, I love this! I was really considering buying all 4 of the Fantasy collection, but found that I had everything I needed in Midnight Fantasy and the original - whilst the original is sugary sweet and cupcakey, I love Midnight Fantasy because it's kind of tart, but also warm fruity at the same time, so I feel like I have every food-style base covered!

As it begins to dry down, I think (sorry I'm not very good at distinguishing notes yet!) I also begin to smell the orchid, because there's a real familiarity between this and the original Fantasy, so you can definitely tell that they're kind of 'sisters.'

Overall, this is a sweet, fresh perfume that I could see myself wearing all year around for a bit of fun, just like the original.
Nov 7, 2012

Cheap, synthetic, cloying, syrupy, immature.....it saddens me that something like this can be passed off as perfume. Great for a ten year old, I suppose.
Feb 9, 2012

I admit that this perfume IS actually super sweet (almost candy sweet.) It really doesn't seem very dark and doesn't necessarily make me think of an evening fragrance, but I absolutely LOVE it! I like it more than the original Fantasy which I thought seemed a little overwhelming and too strong for normal everyday wear. It's also better than Circus Fantasy which I thought smelled too much like raspberries (to an extent that seemed weird for a perfume.) Unfortunately I can't recall what Hidden Fantasy smells like so I can't compare it to that fragrance at the moment. I absolutely love this one though! It also smells like raspberries but I prefer the way the notes are blended in this one. The sour cherry note also adds a little bit of tartness to balance the sweetness somewhat (to me it seems balanced anyway.) I personally love this one and I would probably buy a bottle of it, especially now that the weather is colder. I might not like it as much it hot weather, but right now it seems heavenly!
Nov 15, 2011

I woud give this a 3.5 stars if I could. It is very sweet and candyish, but I like it that way (though I don't like regular Fantasy much--the Jasmine in that one comes out on me, and is too much). I get berries, vanilla, and a little muskiness...but after about a half-hour it becomes overwhelmingly freesia on me, and stays that way for hours. It isn't BAD but I wanted the other notes to stick around. I sprayed it on in the afternoon, and in the morning I still get a little bit of sweet vanilla hanging around, which is very pleasant. It IS a little too synthetic-smelling overall...but I may have to pick up a small bottle because it is very easy to wear.
Aug 23, 2011

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