Midnight Datura fragrance notes

    • green leaf, mandarin, bergamot, davana, rum, jasmine, tuberose, magnolia, muguet, rose, violet, lavender, heliotrope, datura accord, clove, nutmeg, pepper, balsam, patchouli, vanilla, sandalwood, cedarwood, amber, musk

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Unlike my first two retries of the Parfums Quartana Les Potions Fatales collection, Midnight Datura is, actually, quite floral-dominant.

It has the feel of a white floral that opens with just a bit of mixed citrus before becoming a seemingly full-on white floral, the datura (of which I'm individually unfamiliar) blending with other white florals like jasmine and tuberose in a fairly sharp mix. Not to be tempered, but at least blended, the white florals mix with spicy accords of patchouli, clove, and pepper, render the perfume rather provocative.

Still, it has an air of sophistication as it's somewhat restrained, and it feels rather versatile, working well especially for women, old and young, as it doesn't feel like like a stereotypical old or young ladies' perfume. Some men may undoubtedly enjoy this as well.

Its performance is quite great, with significant projection for hours and then a slightly projection for hours thereafter. Superior to Digitalis and LOTV, performance-wise.

Categorically, Midnight Datura is not quite my cup of tea, it being a floral-dominant offering, but it's surely well done, with care and complexity befitting the collection and price, the roughly-standard $165-for-50ml going rate via retail establishments in the US, like Perfumology.

Certainly worth sampling and it should be overlooked in the collection.

7 out of 10
7th November 2018
Mega-sweetened off-white floral, a kind of Turkish Delight for the nose, although the olfactory impression is closer to bubble gum. Midnight Datura seems to share the same sickly, overfed DNA as some of the more ‘blossom' oriented recent Amouages, the opulence of the notes somehow achieving little more than a syrupy puddle. An earth and mushrooms dimension in the later stages is somehow less interesting than it sounds.
13th January 2018