Limited edition Xmas offering from Dior featuring notes of lychee and chestnut.

Midnight Charm fragrance notes

    • Lychee, Chestnut

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Now, to make things clear from the start, the only thing in common this one has with the fantastic Dolce Vita, is the bottle design, and that's where the similarities end. This scent starts like some wet, mossy, twigs with added bergamot that feels very cool but never really frozen, almost like an abandoned garden project left out in the cold rain, then suddenly the scent changes and very fast, to a warm ,then warmer , then creamy warm liquid that feels like you're close to a fireplace of sorts, but see, it just so happens that someone left the xmas fruitcake inside the fireplace by accident and the fruits start to feel smoked and intensely sweet. The base is someone realizing the scent has gone too sweet and warm, decided to throw some water onto the fireplace, that left the smoked fruits wet and with dry woods , but with an added dose of a very "familiar" musk.Ever smelled the base of a fruity floral by Givenchy? Enough said.I kinda liked it, but i keep the bottle for "research" and because it just looks so damn good.For fans only i guess. Good thing it was a limited edition!.
13th December 2007