Midnight At The Crossroads Café fragrance notes

    • peony, tea, coffee, clove, patchouli, smoke, oakmoss, amber, frankincense, russian leather

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Silver bullets in the jukebox
Spin another round
Everybody at the back of the line
It's midnight at the lost and found

Midnight at the lost and found
Lost souls in the hunting ground
A remedy for all your ills
At the lost and found
27th July 2022
Coffee with a hint of chocolate & spices is the dominant note over the first hour, then there's a slight fruitiness, followed by smoke & oakmoss. Four hours in, there's an almost disturbingly realistic accord of animal fur, like a physical presence on my skin. It's not at all filthy, but incredibly sensual in the way that L'Ombre Fauve is to me, & I can't stop huffing my arm at this point. Seven hours in this impression remains, slowly fading, & after twelve hours there's still a faint white musk in the base.

This one is a very pleasant surprise, & will definitely be joining my list of favourites from this house. I'd say it's certainly unisex, in fact I think it would be irresistible on a man...
14th June 2020