Midnight Amber Glow fragrance notes

    • smooth amber, caramel latte, vanilla bourbon

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In my dreams I found
This drugstore Dior Addict
And tried to bring her

Back to waking life
But she was already here
Waiting patiently

In my own future.
I did not trust the Dreaming
But it trusted me

To appreciate
At some later waking time
Her sly floral skank

Her likely story
Better yet scandalized by
Little musky lies

Warm and persistent
In some macrocyclic way
As if man's best friend

Kouros tanuki
Wandered by to share in her
Caramel latte

And left his famous
Perfumed calling card behind
His call of the wild

Echoing her own.
O, Amber, glowing Angel
Of the Neon Lights

Lady of The Strip
Mall Amber of Mall Ambers
Suffer this fool's gold

And more foolish praise
Until you hit the big time
You don't deserve this

Dog and pony show
This outback Perfume City
Nor the mayor's wife

Her Connoisseurness
Of Unstimulating Scents
Nor husband's prattle

O'er scents rarely worn
You deserve to signify
The Tarts of All Time

Young and penniless
Outcasts of the Ultasphere
Yet models thereof

Give them this fragrance
O Local Powers That Be
In memory of

Your faithful servants
Whose strange words for the Dreamtime
Still spoke Creation.
23rd September 2022