Middle East Peace fragrance notes

    • grapefruit, lime, basil, cedarwood, bamboo

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Latest Reviews of Middle East Peace

A pleasantly citrusy opening, with a lemon/orange/grapefruit mix predominant, finds a pleasant counterpart in the development of a greenish-herbal undertone, with whiffs of rosemary and basil noticeable.

Later on a woodsy element grows increasingly stronger, and these are mixed wood, with a touch of cedar, but otherwise not very specific. Towards the end a mildly dusty feel is worthy mentioning.

The sillage is moderate, the projection good, and I get five hours of longevity. Overall this is nice summery creation, not strong enough to be a rapidly refreshing blast, but a more gentle pick-me-up. Nothing special, but solid quality. 3/5.
14th March 2016