Michael Kors / Michael fragrance notes

  • Head

    • freesia, tamarind, incense, chinese osmanthus
  • Heart

    • tuberose, blue orris, white wings peony, arum lily
  • Base

    • cashmere woods, musk, vetiver

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Either nobody else noticed or nobody else cares, but this fragrance was reformulated almost IMMEDIATELY after its initial release! Back in 2000, the first samples I received and my subsequent first purchase were marvelous! Michael had struck such a beautiful chord between sticky-sweet white florals and sumptuous, spicy incense that I it became my immediate favorite. Despite dousing myself with the stuff every day, it took me a year to get through a 3.4 oz. bottle, and when it was dwindling I immediately zapped to the mall to get more. When my husband and I got back to the car after our visit to Sephora, I tore right into the new bottle and and spritzed some on.....what the huh?! "This does NOT smell right!", I yelled and I marched right back inside to return it. I explained that this didn't smell proper and had maybe some fakes slipped in somehow, through no wrongdoing by Sephora of course. They gave me the business at first but when I produced my original bottle (from Saks) and asked some of the sales staff, who had now begun to swarm around the checkout area, to do blind sniff tests it turns out they all AGREED that yes, something WAS indeed off about the juice! They let me open yet another box to test but it was as equally off-putting as the one I had just returned. What did they DO to this perfume?! The floral notes had become plasticky and overly sweet, WHY would you need to try to artificially sweeten already intensely sweet flowers?! The once deep, spicy incense was now flat and listless. All in all Michael smells like cheap, bad dimestore perfume. I specify bad because there are some good, cheap dimestore perfumes I like much better than what this sad concoction has become. Ten years later, on a whim, I decided to give it a try again. They didn't. The bottle has remained, unused, on my vanity for years now but I've never had the heart to throw it away. I think now I have the heart to smash it on the pavement out anger at how this perfume was dumbed-down and ruined, before it even had a chance! BOOOOOO!!!!
5th August 2014
Baaad! Fake floral cacophany that reeks of public restroom deodorizers. Cloying, chemical, nasty...just thoroughly nasty! Oddly (but fortunately) it dissipates very quickly within an hour to no discernable fragrance at all.
15th June 2014

Flowery freshnessThe latest version:The beginning is delightful with a freshness that combines tamarind with a richer tuberose and a bunch of flowers, with a nice freesia note in the foreground on my skin. He drydown adds deeper wood notes that I find a bit too generic, but a nice vetiver comes to the fore towards the end and gives it another bout of freshness. This is a well-designed scent that is balanced with adequate silage and projection; longevity of four hours. Nice on a spring day.
19th October 2013
Smells like hawaii.......like sniffing a flower dripping with water after a rainstorm. Lush, elegant, beautiful. The perfume of a lady. Definately mature to my nose..say 25 plus....perfect day to night scent. Michael kors is super finicky about his products and this one has his name on it so you know its superior, smooth, understated and stylish. Year round wear in any climate. Anyone who doesnt like this is either spraying too much or doesnt like white floeers because this is just a pretty scent. 8/10
12th March 2013
I want to love this perfume . .. as one of the others reviewers mentioned, it reminds me of gardenia. It's got a nice, light, not too sweet floral with a mellow "tangy" whiff to it that mysteriously draws me in. Then, I smell the sexy, fresh, woodsy base. Absolutely intoxicating to me.

The downside? It doesn't last. AT ALL. SO, I smell fabulous, alluring for an hour and then it's gone. It's not just me - I asked my husband to tell me what he smelled and it was "nothing." Then ran it by a friend. Same thing; no scent detected. What a shame!! And the sample I got was from the leading chain of perfume and cosmetics stores in France - a powerful beauty presence in countries around the world. Definitely from a reputable Perfume/Cosmetic conglomerate... so I know the perfume's lack of staying power was NOT due to it being a fake.

Oh my.... will probably stick to my old stand by (despite my wanting to "switch it up" a bit)- Chloe Narcisse.
11th March 2013
I have worn Michael Kors off and on (mostly on) for years. The last large bottle I purchased was almost clear in color, the scent was very light and has absolutely no staying power. I thought I might have purchased a "bad" bottle so I took it back to the department store and exchanged it for another bottle. Same issues. Within 30 minutes I couldn't smell anything even when I pressed my nose to my wrist. I wasn't sure if it was "just me" so the next day I sprayed each wrist and drove to the department store (30 minute drive). I asked the SA if she could tell what perfume I was wearing and when she sniffed my wrist she said she couldn't smell anything at all. While standing at the counter a lady came up wanting to return her bottle of Michael Kors with the same complaint. It pains me to think I spent over $100 on a bottle of weak "toilet water". Michael Kors was always a classy, sexy scent with great staying power. People would always ask what I was wearing. If they have changed the formula I doubt I will purchase Michael Kors again.
29th December 2012
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