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Michael Kors (2001)


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Michael for Men by Michael Kors

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Reviews of Michael for Men by Michael Kors

Michael for Men (not Michael Kors for Men) smells very much like Latours Cigar. So much so that I don't feel the need to own it since I already have the much cheaper and generally more pleasing Cigar. Cigar has all the same tobacco as Michael but adds a sweet finish, which I prefer to the oily leather with funky patchouli you get with Michael. Projection is very good with Michael for Men, so if you enjoy it, it should be a good performer.

Genre: Leather

Michael for Men is a big, dense leather, tobacco and patchouli scent. It's warm, dark, and sweet, and coming from the late 1990s, it smells like a throwback to the previous decade. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, given what the mainstream market had to offer men by way of fragrance in the 1990s. Michael for Men has a stylistic antecedent in Pascal Morabito's Or Black, and progeny in By Killian's recent Back to Black, with which it shares its intensely fruity tobacco and patchouli accord. In its weight, power, and reliance on patchouli, Michael for Men even shares some DNA with Mazzolari Lui – truly a brave composition to set afloat among the predominant aquatic scents and fresh fougères of the time.

While I appreciate Michael for Men for its uncompromising boldness and refusal to bow to fashion, I also find it a little bit crude, even when measured against its own kin. The body of the scent seems oppressively monochromatic to me, and the drydown is disappointingly harsh and chemical, with an unpleasantly abrasive synthetic woody base note. In short, the idea is good, but I'm not entirely convinced by the execution.

Michael is rich, strong, boozy and laden with tobacco ash. Part of me likes this fragrance very much. Unfortunately, it gives me a headache. Too much incense and tobacco in a combination I really don't like. Michael is a fragrance I'd rather smell on someone else. Much to like, but not enough for a thumbs up. I'll go with Burberry London instead.

I have had a small bottle of this for over a year and quite honestly forgot about it. The fragrance is predominantly sweet and herbal with a dry down that presents fruits and green notes. This cologne projects mightily and everyone will know you're wearing it. Lasts approximately 6-8 hours, although it breaks down during that time to a descending putrid fruit scent. This is one of those scents that isn't horrible, but is extremely rigid in it's statement and therefore very limiting in it's wearability.

Starts sweet and plummy. The sweetness abates somewhat.
The tobacco note is OK, flits in and out.
The woody-incense note (when it is present) is interesting and attractive.
At times the scent seems a bit acidic, tangy, metallic. Sometimes it suggests green grapeskins in the warm sun.
Perhaps that is the dried fruit note.
I'll give it a neutral for its complexity.

this is HUGE on tobacco, i dont get incense ( but my sister DO! :o ) rather drunk tobacco, a bit darker than in Cuba by C&S (but they both share simmilar vibe), nothing groundbreaking, could be a winner in cold weather7/10 for smell3/10 for longevity

Michael For Men smells pretty good and yes, I smell leather/spice/patchouli and definitely pipe tobacco. During the first minute or two, I had flashbacks of L'Air du Desert Marocain, although MFM is far weaker. Some have described this as a sort of powerhouse fragrance, bold, etc. My own experience is totally different. This is a weak sister and while it smells good, its sillage and longevity are pathetic. 10 spritzes or so and still I can barely smell it When it's gone (and at the application rate, that won't take too long), I won't be replacing it.

Ambrosia for an uneducated palate. A simple yet interesting idea, badly formulated and executed. The juicy, fresh and fructose opening is bold, brief and enticing, but the tobacco notes I had been looking forward to failed to satisfy. This is not an accord that conjures up images of Cuban cigars, more the smell of some sticky floored saloon ashtray. It does eventually dry down into something light and warm, but on the whole its too brash to be charming

Interesting fragrance.A bit unusual..initially powerful without smashing you in the face.The first thing i got was dried fruits, a bit 'odd' but it worked...then quickly the pipe tobacco comes through making you feel all warm and cozy...followed by suede, incence and all the changes in various interesting ways by the minute..then holds on in quite a subtle way and the sandalwood hangs around for hours..but you get all the rest breaking through from time to time in a playful way.Don't think i'd buy it again but i quite enjoyed the experience

I wish I could smell one. Like Burberry London, fantastic on paper but gone in minutes on my skin. Over spraying does not help. A very lively but brief encounter with tobacco, cognac and plum. Just when I'm ready to fall in love, she's gone. Your mileage may vary so try before you buy.

There is something in the top notes of 'Michael' that just doesn't sit well on me. I was bought this fragrance by an 18 year old female cousin, when I was about 24. I'm not sure what she was trying to say about me, but there is definitely something of the 'distinguished gentleman' about this fragrance, and I certainly was not distinguished at that time. Maybe she just thought I smelt of cigarettes, so got this to blend in. Not for me, but I can see why people like its smoky, luxurious notes.

Sweet, rich, spicy and a little boozy. Can come across as "chemical" but it's better than a lot of niche perfumes that try too hard to be novel.

Wow, this one is hard for me. I like it sometimes, and then others, um... not so much. It has a great style and presence, bold tobacco, and suede notes shining through. Sometimes way too overpowering on my skin, even with just one spritz, and then, at other times smells fantastic. Definitely a nightime club type fragrance, and you need a certain charisma to pull it off.

This is a winter time scent only! Do not wear this when the temperature exceeds 50 degrees . Very heavy fragrance. Great when its cold; Stinks when its hot!

Pine needles and wild berries. incense and liquor: Michael is a very lush scent. It is luxurious and bold and dandified (owing its lineage, of course, to Le Dandy, the king of all boozy frags). Its heavy, no doubt about it, and loud, but I dont get as much leather as some others. To me it is very alcoholic smelling, more in the class of Gucci ph than Knize Ten. As has been said previously, this is not for those brought up on AdG and its many Echoes, but if you like your scents stiff with no chaser, give it a try. To me, its just too much.

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