Designed to be the second of many possible JLo Glow's according to Lancaster. At this rate, she'll have more Glow's than ex husbands.
Miami Glow will be available for one year only, and according to Lopez the scent is “warm, like a beach at night”.

Miami Glow by J.Lo fragrance notes

  • Head

    • coconut water, pink grapefruit, passion fruit, blackcurrant
  • Heart

    • sand, orange flower, cyclamen, heliotrope
  • Base

    • musk, vanilla orchid, blond woods.

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First of all, I would like to show some appreciation to JLO's fragrance line and say that in terms of celebrity scents... Her fragrances are right up there at the very top, and this one is no exception. Fruity, flirty, sexy, summery.

I am usually disgusted by sweet scents in summer, however, this beauty has just the right amount of sweetness that makes the fresh vibes more rounded and feminine. It's a sweet, coconut/vanilla that is well blended, with all the listed notes above being present.

Miami Glow smells sunscreen-ish, beach-ish, and a tad bit heavy and bold. It's a tall blonde, wearing a cream evening gown with a high slit, two-piece halter Cher style. She is wearing gold dangle pyramid earrings with a matching necklace. Long hair, straight and parted down the middle... One side she keeps behind her ear. Walking along the beach barefoot at sunset.
23rd July 2023
I only just realized that this perfume was actually discontinued, and I think that's a real shame because it smells fantastic! I was never really crazy about the original "Glow" by Jennifer Lopez, but I absolutely adore this one! Hopefully, there might still be some bottles (or rollerballs) of this hanging around in online stores somewhere, but if you really can't get this one at all that's a real shame!
I will add though that, like some other fruity-florals like "Happy" by Clinique, my favorite part of this scent is when I first spray it on! "Miami Glow" has the most gorgeous passionfruit top notes I have ever smelled, and the scent is immediately uplifting and will raise your spirits! Again, it is a bit of a dark, cold, dreary, overcast day in November here where I live, and I wasn't in such a good mood when I first woke up. The minute I spritzed some of this fragrance on though, I felt almost 100 percent better! The smell of this perfume actually literally brought a smile to my face and raised my spirits, so I really have to give this one a big thumbs up and highly recommend it to everyone! It is, overall, a very light, bright, sparkling, happy, lively, juicy and sweet scent that literally makes me think of Florida sunshine captured in a bottle! If you've never tried this one, I highly recommend getting a sample (or just a bottle of it) if you can! If this perfume really isn't available anymore, I will admit that it's quite similar to "Happy" by Clinique for women, so you could always just use that one instead. The main difference though is the passionfruit note that was used in this perfume, along with citrus. Personally, I think it smells divine, although I admit that, like "Happy", I like the scent more when I initially spray it on more than in the dry down. It's still worth trying though. :)
21st November 2015

This smells like a tropical scented fabric softener. Nothing more, nothing less. IMO a little too sweet to actually wear in the heat - gets cloying.
15th May 2015
Sickly sweet mess This was a quick buy on my way through an airport one day several years ago. I didn't test first so it was a complete waste of money. I'd never bought a celebrity fragrance before but for some reason I was drawn to the bottle. Needless to say it put me off celebrity fragrances for some time to come. Coconut, pineapple and lots of sugar. It projects well and really lasts which in this case is unfortunate. I suppose if you're still in high school then this has a place but for anyone over the age of 16 it is probably best avoided. It's a shame as J.Lo has actually produced some quite decent perfumes but this one just helps give celeb fragrances their bad name.Pros: The bottle looks good, doesn't cost muchCons: Headache inducing"
21st July 2013
Every time I smell this, it smells different to what I originally smelled! I bought this while rushing around the shopping centre, as I was looking for a beachy style scent to take with me to Thailand in the summer and that would fit well with my coconut sunscreen. After trying pretty much everything with the word 'summer' or 'fraiche' in it, I thought I was stuck with something floral (sigh) yet again. However, the sales woman showed me this on sale for AU $30 for 100ml, and I knew I'd found what I'd been searching for.

This is definitely a fresh scent - the first time I smelled it, I smelled mint (???) and a bit of soap. Quite nice. I sprayed it on my skin. I got something slightly fruity but still fresh and soapy, and the drydown was a lovely light coconut. Went home and sprayed it over my sunscreen - BEST combination. The coconut scent in the sunscreen stays for about 2 hours, and fits sooo nicely with the minty, soapy, fruity smells in the top, and by the time the sunscreen's fragrance begins to fade, the perfume has settled into a lovely fresh but warm smell that reminds me of sunbaked sand. Great staying power, and the changes in scent and drydown just keep me guessing. Please, don't discontinue this again now that I've finally discovered it!
7th November 2012
I expected so much from Miami Glow. After being raved about constantly when it hit the shelves by fellow reviewers and then 4 years on brought back by popular demand, I assumed that this would have to be Jennifer Lopez's best fragrance to date.

Forgive me when I say that I don't understand all the fuss. Sure it smells beachy, tropical, Summery and a little like sunscreen, but aren't there enough fragrances like that already?

I unfortunately didn't sense any coconut, just grapefruit and passionfruit, followed by orangeblossom and then musk, lots of it.

I couldn't get over how synthetic this fragrance was to my nose. If it had been a sweet synthetic smell I may have liked it, but this fragrance is similar to the scent of cheap suntan lotion. Not my cup of tea at all. I must add on a nicer note, Miami Glow does have great lasting power, I guess that earns this fragrance one star from me.

5th June 2011
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