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Guerlain (2000)

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Metalys / Metallica by Guerlain

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Now called Metalys, but originally named Metallica until the miserable rock-band of the same name to exception to it - maybe they had plans to release a fragrance themselves (what would that smell like..?). Metalys was reissued in 2005 for the renovated flagship Guerlain store on the Champs-Elysees.

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Reviews of Metalys / Metallica by Guerlain

There are 9 reviews of Metalys / Metallica by Guerlain.

Yes,apart form the occasional whiff of a wet, old, metal vibe of an old Penny, vanilla and carnation are the core of this creation, never too sweet, with the carnation rising after the first hour. Ylang-ylang gives a bit of another note to it, and other floral notes and added to it, especially a very nice iris. The base is made up of the carnation with a nice, rich tonka giving depth and merging into a very pleasant traditional but quite youthful powdery note.

What really strikes me ti firstly the excellent quality of the ingredients, and secondly the exquisit blending. And, the famous Guerlinade vibe is also present.

The performance is very good, with very good projection, moderate sillage and a superb longevity of ten hours on my skin. 4.5/5

To me this is maybe the last typical Guerlain scent, created by the last active master perfumer of the Guerlain family, and the end of this grand tradition before the mass corporation took over completely.

The last of the Guerlains.

Metallica, now called Metalys, due to copyright issues that were confronting the band Metallica, as a friend in here already said, has an opening that goes exactly against his name.

This one starts with a metallic tone, present only in old collectible non polished objects, (very well observed by a person here) which trough time, mixes with carnation, giving the typical feminine floral aspect aspect to this fragrance.

But in my view, the highlight of this fragrance is in the base. After about five hours, we then have a complete aromatic change, with the appearance of iris followed by a soft vanilla tone that reaches an almost creamy aspect, thanks to tonka bean which also makes its appearance.

Very delectable powder confection of vanilla and lightly spiced carnation. Quite beautiful ,quite vintage smelling though a modern release. Very Guerlain ,of the days when Jean Paul Guerlain was at the helm . Needs to be re released !

Metalys/metallica (forget about the hard rock band problem!) is all about carnation.There is an important tradition of carnation in Guerlains particularly in Fleur de feu, Atuana and Faena, discontinuated. And Jean-Paul Guerlain has been very faithful to this tradition in this wonderful floral

I was right, there is carnation in there. Someone sent this along with something else I won on E-bay. It was a pleasant surprise, but I don't know if I'm sampling the EDT or EDP? If that is vanilla in there, it is a real different vanilla from what I am used to in Shalimar. This vanilla is oh so light. I feel pretty and feminine in this scent! Must be the orange that I like so well.

The name Metallica may at first glance seem odd for a perfume who is said to be, according to Guerlain's own promotional information, 'one of the most beautiful interpretations of vanilla in a perfume'. It was a limited edition release from 2000 and drew some attention, not least because of its packaging in an unusually decorated version of the classic 'bee bottle' – flacon abeilles – and the fact that it was soon pulled from the shelves following a trademark lawsuit with the heavy rock band Metallica. Now it's sold under the name Metalys in the 'Les Parisiennes' collection. This floral oriental emanates from Jean-Paul Guerlain's wish to create a metallic odour, though some reviewers have found the fragrance to be too sweet and creamy to meet this goal. While surely being light years away from rockish black metal, this Eau de Toilette actually manages to evoke a sweet-metallic scent of old, unpolished metal coins, mainly by a contrasting blend of spicy-sharp carnation and bright, soft vanilla.

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