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Tom Ford
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The company describe Métallique as:

Willful. Fearless. Addictive.

Forged with elegant brilliance, Tom Ford Metallique mesmerizes its admirers with a pulsating flash of modern, resolute femininity, willful, luminous and in full bloom. A high-shine armor of addictive aldehydes envelop its reverberating core of sensuous white flowers, like a metal venus in fleurs.

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Reviews of Métallique by Tom Ford

There are 11 reviews of Métallique by Tom Ford.

The opening blast combines the artificial brightness of aldehydes with a bergamot. A bit later a very mild spiciness of pink pepper adds a nice counterpart to it.

The drydown turns towards the white floral path, maintaining the bright character of the mix. A heliotrope - less spicy than expected - is in the foreground initially, followed by friendly hawthorn - the latter remains in the backgound on me; this is followed by a muguet note. The hawthorn is a bit pallid, whilst the other florals are a bit more intense.

A discreetly sweet musky, although to particularly dark and harsh, is the harbinger of the base phase, with a balsamic undertone that remains in the back ground on me. Similarly discreet is a tonka that is also present at that stage, underlined by a generally woodsy element towards the end; the sandalwood touted in the scent pyramid is rather perfunctory.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection, and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

The name of this positivity-eluding scent for cooler summer days is quite apt, especially due to the aldehydic component in the top notes. The second half is a bit generic at times, especially in the base. 3/5
Jun 10, 2021

The snow queen.she is beautiful and bewitching,and her powers are at her strangest in places that are already experiencing winter. she can turn into a snowflake and is also able to fly,and her kisses have the ability to numb cold.A cleanses and freshness scent but in an unusual way and an almost vintage manner.it's delicately sweet ,nothing in your face.elegant,refined,soapy,versatile,powdery and charming.

It opens with a snowy flurry of icy aldehydes,sitting on a dulcet background of soft powdery whispers.after the first aldehydic blast is gone the cool, yet warm feeling of Metallica is only more so manifested by a fresh woody accord,which beautifully interplays with the more powdery floral chords,such as heliotrope and lily of the valley. after an hour,a clean musk note prolongs the effect of crystal clear winter air,but sweetness but composition even further,so you feel like,after walking trough the winter air for a long time,you've finally reached home,where a warm fire is crackling inside your chimney.the lily of the valley adds this feminine vibe that cools it down a bit,without being boring or messing with the sweetness.
Moderate sillage,although the beginning is pretty strong. longevity is also moderate on my skin.
Nov 30, 2020

This is awful to my nose. I get a super soapy opening followed by florals. This sits really close to the skin so I'd give it a 1-2 out of 5 for sillage and performance. I get the sandalwood/vanilla notes maybe after an hour and a half. Is anyone getting a few seconds of Ultra Male upon initial spray? I absolutely detest florals so I had no business trying this in the first place. Cheers to those that fell in love with this fragrance.
Jan 28, 2020

Really nice - this is probably my pick for best designer perfume of 2019.

It has a lot of the same DNA as Fucking Fabulous, that creamy, spiced mix of iris and coumarin with citrus on top. But Métallique smoothes things out with vanilla and almondy heliotrope, and then tops everything off with Chanel-esque sparkling lemon champagne aldehydes.

It seems like it could be a mess, but it comes together wonderfully, like the best parts of Chanel No 5, Fucking Fabulous, and an almond gourmand like Malle's L'eau d'Hiver skillfully combined. Nice work!
Dec 28, 2019

This is a Aldehyde and Vanilla scent from start to finish for me. It almost disappears after 2 hours on my skin and then WHAM! Vanilla all over the place for several hours. It is a long lasting scent on my skin and didn't realize this was a female juice. I find it to be unisex. A try before you buy due to pricing. Enjoy!
Oct 28, 2019

The opening is soapy, flowery, powdery and clearly feminine. The drydown is much more smooth with just a soft, clean vanilla that's more unisex. As far as my preference, I’d find this appealing on women of many ages and attitudes. Feels very versatile per occasion or season.

Performance is good with noticeable projection for 7-8 hours with only a few sprays.
Oct 27, 2019

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