Paco Rabanne (1979)

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In reply to Jack Twist, I believe the name came from the designer dress covered in metal sequin, that the perfume was supposed to match. I think it is held in high regard by perfumers today.
May 4, 2020

Lovely,dry,fresh green and aldehydes at the outset then a burst of Lily of the Valley and Hyacinth followed by mossy woody drydown.Like Givenchy III's younger and less sophisticated sister. Agree with other reviewers,very underrated.
Dec 4, 2018

I blind-bought not one, but two, bottles of this on the recommendation of several BNers and I've not been at all disappointed. On my skin, it opens clean and fresh with lily-of-the-valley backed by a little hyacinth. It dries down through a pleasantly soapy phase to a lovely bone-dry, clean, sharp green. It projects well at the opening, drying down much closer to skin. Mine's still detectable after 8 hours, which is great performance for an EDT.
I find LotV and hyacinth to be particularly evocative of the 70s, but that doesn't date this fragrance in the slightest. It's cool without being cold, aloof without being unapproachable and is a fantastic summer scent. The bottle is a perfect representation of its contents - cool, independent and smart, with sharp edges.
Gets 4.5/5 from me, for what it's worth.
Mar 7, 2017

Barbara Herman calls this a "joyous, light green floral, cool without being cold."

I wouldn't call it exactly joyous; it certainly is light, almost a non-scent, with its crisp herbal floral heart (basil, cyclamen, jasmine) and its powdery orris background.

Turin gives it four stars and calls it a "green floral," which impresses him with an "oily green note in the dry down."

A green herbal/floral it is, light and airy, with an unfortunate name. Where did they come up with this off-putting moniker?

Top notes: Citrus, Basil, Hyacinth
Heart notes: Jasmine, Muguet, Rose, Tuberose, Ylang, Orris, Cyclamen
Base notes: Vetiver, Sandalwood, Amber, Oakmoss, Musk

My nose does not detect any of the base notes and almost none of the heart notes. I'm surprised anyone can smell this on anyone else. Pleasant up close, but no serious contender for special praise.
Aug 6, 2014

Genre: Green Floral

Métal starts off with refreshingly crisp, green floral top notes, which gain a substantial lift from a very well-judged burst of waxy aldehydes. Notably absent is the sort of conspicuous citrus note that often leads off green floral scents. The opening accord persists as the heart of a relatively dry green aldehydic floral with subtly mossy chypre-style overtones.

Métal becomes progressively drier, woodier, and more angular as it develops, and I do not detect anything remotely “metallic” in its makeup - certainly none of the aggressively chemical, ozonic notes a name like “Métal” might lead one to expect. Instead, Métal moves on towards a more clearly defined chypre texture, albeit one of a decidedly woody bent. The woody component renders Métal’s drydown harder-edged than most chypres I’ve experienced.

Because of this woody edge, because it hovers relatively close to the skin, and because it remains dry in overall texture, I find Métal perfectly comfortable to wear as a man, just as I do Givenchy III and Azzaro Couture. If you like green-tinted floral chypres and find Heure Exquise and Acqua di Parma Profumo too sweet, and Patou’s 1000 just too large, I urge you to give the clearer, drier Métal a try. It’s a marvelously composed scent, and with only a few previous Basenotes reviews, a terribly under-appreciated one to boot.
Jun 19, 2014

Comparing old love, M?t?l, to new (Amouage Gold & Enlèvement au Sérail)Cleaning out cabinets, I discovered a vintage bottle of Eau de M?t?l. It was my scent in the 80's. I wore it daily. My notes vocabulary is too new to reliably describe it on its own, so I did a sniff comparison to my current loves: Amouage Gold and MDCI's Enlèvement au Sérail. M?t?l actually has a bright, almost metallic first note, immediately joined by sumputous lush florals and then musky, woody notes that don't overpower but calm, as if they're wrapping the citrus and florals in a fur coat. Amouage Gold, in comparison, seduces from first sniff. Powder and vanillas, I'm guessing, add sophistication to the florals and there's something green, all riding on a base of the olfactory equivalent of a throne of gold. Then to Enlèvement au Sérail. All I can say is that if I were in my 20's again and longing for a mate, I'd spray this all over me from head to toe, put on lipstick, gold earrings and go sit in a museum. My guy would find me. What a fragrance! Flower petals sprinkled on sheets, on a bedside table incense softly burns, the scent of citrus wafts in on a breeze. I must, must own this. Back to M?t?l -- a bright young woman who bows to these two divas.Pros: classic notesCons:
Oct 16, 2013

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