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Reviews of Meraviglia by Re Profumo

There are 1 reviews of Meraviglia by Re Profumo.

It's spicy, opening with lime and pepper and something resiny, and a lovely slightly sharp incense hits after a while. It's got great staying power, but I did spray quite a bit. The incense and spicy resin drydown makes it good, but there's a certain persistent fruity note I'm not too sure about at the start but have grown to like - I think it's the combination of the lime with the spices. It reminds me a little of L'Artisan's Mon Numéro Dix. Today was the beginning of a heatwave here (21 C but everything's relative and that's hot for us!) and I think Meraviglia would really shine on a cool spring day or in the depths of winter, although the mystery fruity accent makes it oddly refreshing.

And that incense I'm still getting is really gorgeous...
Jul 19, 2017

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