Meow! fragrance notes

  • Head

    • tangerine, pear, gardenia, jasmine
  • Heart

    • honeysuckle, lily of the valley, orange blossom
  • Base

    • vanilla, musk, amber, sandalwood

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Latest Reviews of Meow!

Lipgloss, gel nails, long eyelashes, blonde hilights, tall tan boots, and leggings. Flirty and carefree. This fragrance is surely juicy and sweet to the core. I'm not surprised that this perfume is popular in high schools. Nothing new in this world if you think about it. All generations of teens have heart for fruity florals. Smells like a pink fluffy girl who likes to stand out in the crowd in a puffy pink cloud of candy and ice cream aura. Delicious caramel, sweet vanilla, juicy mandarin orange and pear delicate florals and sandalwood.the perfume is more girly than womanly. It's not sophisticated. It's happy,careless and youthful.

The opening is delicious and juicy with a blast of fresh tangerine and pear drizzled with light caramel syrup. On me, gardenia takes centre stage with honeysuckle and jasming softly in the background making a creamy blend of addictive floral heart. The trail leaves a delectable lasting impression with vanilla amber and woody accord. In fact at first it comes off very synthetic, unappealing and harshly chemically. Only a minute later once it settles into my body chemistry lovely whirl of gently sweet freshly floral and comforting vanilla takes over. I find the drydown more powdery and tolerable.

It's really a nice flirty fragrance for the mornings of spring/ summer/ fall. Perfect for ages 18-25 in my opinion because it gives off that young woman feel, i also associate it with a different type of girl maybe the glamorous teenager at the top of the high school social hierarchy. It reminds me watching a romantic comedy movie: she emerges fragrantly clean from shower and gets dressed. Sits in the restaurant with her date and do small talk. Then he says he just wants to be friends and leaves. So the girl has to eat the dessert alone and back at home ends again in the tub, eating icecream.
8th July 2020
I bought this for my 11 yr old daughter, and she loves it....and I have to say that I love it too!! Sometimes I'm in the mood for something sweet, and this is perfect. It reminds me of Pink Sugar, but more interesting and toned down just a bit. The bottle is adorable too! I am definitely one that appreciates a pretty bottle as much as perfume sometimes!

I wouldn't wear this to work, but I do wear it during the day or when running around doing errands. It's affordable and is exactly what I expected....
7th February 2016

I am TOTALLY addicted to this stuff. Under a good 2 hours later, the fragrance is a bright juicy pear fragrance or desert! LOVE IT!! Yes it's kinda trashy but it's more of an addictive smell rather than wanting to smell of it, if that make sense!?

You can also get a 175ml size now too! :oD
7th September 2012
I tried this one because the bottle is adorable, but I found the juice very very sweet smelling to almost a nauseating degree. It's very very young,something more suited to my 12 year old niece than my 20 something years. Its a cute scent, not sexy or refreshing. simply sweet.
7th September 2012