Menthe Fraiche / Fresh Mint / Eau de Menthe fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Spearmint, Peppermint, Bergamot
  • Heart

    • Green tea, Freesia
  • Base

    • White Cedar

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Latest Reviews of Menthe Fraiche / Fresh Mint / Eau de Menthe

This is simply the best mint fragrance on the market. I've come to this conclusion after years of trying to find a suitable replacement. The only drawback is the soft performance, but I've eventually come to terms with that and am now at peace with Menth Fraiche.
25th October 2021
Iced green tea with mint and a touch of citrus and cedar. That's the heart of Heeley's Menthe Fraiche, which to my nose is very authentic mint leaf, cooling and relaxing. Unfortunately, it's weak, as the longevity and sillage are disappointingly short on my skin. I loved the heart scent, but could tell that it wasn't going last long as the projection from the outset was light. Reading other reviews, the consensus is a soft performance.

Update. I broke down and purchased a full bottle of Menthe Fraiche. Performance is still only 4 hours, but the scent is amazing. I like it too much and will just overspray and reapply.
24th January 2021

The spearmint and peppermint opening here is pure mint sharpness but this is at the outset only that adds a medicinal aspect still very true to the smell of natural mint leaves. I have a corner in my garden planted with menthe piperita, a beautiful plant that needs constant attention because it grows like a weed and is always flowing out covering the walkway nearby. This fragrance matches that medicinal sharpness of this natural growing mint plant. The scent loses its medicinal sharpness after about an hour and the story changes to a green tea heart layered over a subdued light wood base. I prefer this Heeley mint scent version over those other mint scents that sweeten the mint with vanilla and/or powder in the base. There is also a lack of herbal presence that is often found in other mint fragrances - good or bad, I'm not sure. This is one of the best mint perfumes I have smelled and what makes it excellent is the purity of the mint experience. Even though I like it very much, when I am thinking "mint freshness" for a fragrance I reach much more often for a mint fragrance that that has and background barbershop quality or creaminess such as Guerlain Homme L'Eau or Mugler Kryptomint - but that is a personal preference. Still for mint purity this is close to the best there is.
4th September 2020
From October, 2015:

The best mint fragrance you can buy. Menthe Fraiche is a cool, clean blast of pure spearmint over a base of light, white green tea. This is one of the most refreshing scents I own and something I look forward to wearing every spring. Projection is very good and I get pretty good longevity from it as well, about 8 hours. Just think refreshing, clean, semi-sweet natural spearmint, crisp and cooling and you'll have a good idea of Menthe Fraiche. If you're in the market for a mint fragrance, look no further. Best for casual daily wear in the warmer months. Thumbs up and recommended as a blind buy.

UPDATE: This is STILL the best mint fragrance I've encountered and I still enjoy wearing it very much. It's one of only a handful of scents I rate a perfect 10/10. If you want a mint fragrance, this is the answer.
13th August 2019
Not what I was expecting. I was hoping for the fresh mint to last through the wear, but no. This is more a green tea fragrance than a mint fragrance. There is a spearmint in the opening, and that is my favorite part of Menthe Fraiche. The dry down I don't appreciate nearly as much. It takes on a biter, almost sour note as it drys down. Maybe it's just my skin, but I don't appreciate where this ones ends up. I'm sorry too, because I really wanted to love Menthe Fraiche.
29th October 2017
Paysage au Paysan (Landscape with Peasant), Honfleur, 1912 by Félix Vallotton
21st September 2017
God this is so good! I wish it lasted more than a couple hours. The opening is menthol minty, awesome authentic spearmint note! It meets an herbal quality green tea. I also get a hefty hefty dose of a flower that is native to Florida, but I'm not sure the name, either tagetes or lantana perhaps.. it blooms in a bulb shape with many little flowers on the bulb, they are orange, yellow and red, often in the same flower, the smell is a floral citrus smell. Although freesia is a note listed in this, that's not what I am getting.

Unfortunately due to its poor performance I will never spend the money for this one. I will try to find something very similar with better performance.

*Update* Without changing my previous review (for compare and contrast purposes) - Now since breaking my own promise and owning a bottle (I do this a lot lol), I have found to get much better performance than when I initially wrote this review. Usually I get a good 6 hours, sometimes more. The fragrance is linear, and I still perceive it the same way as my initial review in terms of smell.
15th April 2017
A delicious opening blast with more the natural aroma of fresh mint and a chewing-gum impression on my skin. Combine that with a good bergamot added in, and a beautifully refreshing but not loud mint combination ensues. Superb.

The top notes very gradually fade and last for about five to six hours on my skin - unexpectedly long for such a scent. Then a base with blond wood follows, which is a bit basic but really only an afterthought to the main impression.

With moderate sillage, good projection and a total longevity of nearly eight hours, the performance is much better that expected from a mint-based composition.

A summer delight made of high-quality ingredients - not with the most exciting development but nontheless a very successful implementation of a classic concept. 3.5/5.

15th May 2016
Menthe Fraiche is very true to its name. The opening is fresh mint- very honest and none of the sugar/toothpaste/chewing gum effect here. However it is extremely brittle and fleeting on skin. The tea note comes out more in the heart phase. There not much development thereafter, as the composition dries down to an almost imperceptible woody base. The longevity is sorely lacking.

It is extremely similar in performance on skin to Eau de Orange Verte by Hermes. Factor in the somewhat absurd price, and the natural response would be why bother?

If one is looking for a fragrance with only mint, and mint (of the good type)- then here it is. However, it would be advisable to decant out a small portion in a travel spray- this will require reapplication now and then. I guess it must be near impossible to come up with a long lasting fresh mint fragrance of this type.

On the other hand if you are looking for a quality fragrance where mint is dominant but not the only star, check out Geranium pour Monsieur.
12th May 2015
Realy like Menthe Fraiche. Great composition and everthing. The only problem....longevity. This becomes a skin scent very quickly (about 4 hours). Summer gem that is easy on the nose. A beautiful tea scent with a supporting cast of mint. There is a wood accord that kicks in on the drydown. 7.5/10
1st April 2015
Opinion: James Heeley has one of the best Summer fragrances, in my opinion - Sel Marin. Although I knew this would be a different kind of scent, I was eager to test Menthe Fraiche due to the fact of my love for very fresh fragrances in hot Summer days. So, does Menthe Fraiche met my expectations? Yes, it did. This is a very agreeable, safe, clean, fresh scent, citrusy and mostly minty scent. The opening gives a blast of ultra freshness, with mint and bergamot. Really great. The fragrance is a bit linear although one can smell the green tea and cedar in the drydown.

This is a very safe, bright, clean and smooth scent. The quality of the fragrance is noticeable and it has a natural smell. I was a bit worried about the mint, but there´s no vibe of chewing gum or tooth paste at all. This is an excellent choice for very hot Summer days. So far this is the best mint/fresh fragrance for Summer that I know. It´s not the BEST smelling Summer fragrance I know, but the best fresh fragrance for very hot days.

Sillage and projection could be better, unfortunately, but even so, the longevity is better than I thought.


This is a unisex scent, not leaning toward any gender.

Season and Purpose: A Summer fragrance than is also a good choice for Spring warmer days. Also possible for hot Fall days but not an option for Winter at all.

This scent is quite agreeable and safe, so I´d say it´s good for work, casual, interviews, etc. Not the best scent for date and definitively not a going out scent.

Achilles heel: Performance (sillage and projection)

Regarding Performance:

- Longevity: 10h
- Sillage: Less than moderate
- Projection: 2-3h

Scent: 8.95
Longevity: 8.75
Sillage: 7.50
Projection: 6.90
Uniqueness: 8
Versatility: 7.85
--- Overall: 8.00

Would I buy it? Most likely.

A very nice scent, safe, with a interesting price €120 (~$163) for 100 ml. Although not on top of priorities, it´d be a case to really consider.
20th August 2014
Genre: Green

Heeley's Menthe Fraîche is brilliant and disappointing in equal measure. The opening salvo is terrific: one of the few interpretations of the title note to avoid any suggestion of mouthwash, cough drops, or toothpaste,* capturing instead the leafy, astringent, and savory qualities of mint.

Unfortunately the mint effect is, quite literally, a flash of brilliance. It's magnificent while it endures, but gone within minutes. The mild clean musk skin scent that remains in its wake does nothing for me.
19th June 2014