Mémoire Chérie 
Long Lost Perfume (1949)

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Reviews of Mémoire Chérie by Long Lost Perfume

There are 5 reviews of Mémoire Chérie by Long Lost Perfume.

(This is for the Long Lost version-- not the vintage original).

I ordered this because it was a bargain, having no experience with the original, and therefor, no expectations.

What a delightful surprise. Yes, there is a mossy/chamomile quality that I'm always a sucker for, but a bit of warmth as well; honeyed, but softly, not cloyingly so. The floral notes give the impression of the friendly wildflower variety as opposed to the more formal feel of a white flower blend. I detect a bit of marigold also, lending its herbal sweet/slighty peppery feel.

Overall, it reminds me of a spring version of vintage Halston (one of my all-time favorites). Lasts about four hours on me, in a pleasantly linear fashion. A keeper.
May 9, 2017

This review is for the original Elizabeth Arden version, not the Long Lost version. The bottle is frosted glass with carvings of a lady in a long skirt all around it.
This is a cool weather scent; indescribably pretty. A little goes a long way.

NOTES: Sicilian bergamot, Mexican neroli, fresh apricot, Romanian chamomile, tarragon, soft honey rose , violet, opoponax, Moroccan oakmoss, amber, musk, Haitian vetiver.

This original version was awarded the grand Coupe D'or in 1960 as "the finest fragrance ever created and acclaimed in France."

Described as " a cool floral with green undertones."
May 14, 2013

l had a bottle of the original Elizabeth Arden version as a child, & l remember it as a delightful, fresh yet warm floral. l haven't tried looking for it since then, but if you see it, snap it up, it really is a forgotten treasure.
Feb 15, 2011

I first started using Memorie Cherie when I was 17. It became my signature scent until they discontinued making it arounf 1980. I was heart rsick as it was the most beautiful scent I have ever worn. I have not found a replacement scent that I adored as much as Memorie Cherie
Sep 6, 2010

I used that perfume years ago and it was so romantic. I cannot buy it now and I can tell you the world is missing out on a wonderful romantic perfume.
Oct 26, 2009

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