Memoir Woman 
Amouage (2010)

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Reviews of Memoir Woman by Amouage

There are 25 reviews of Memoir Woman by Amouage.

Reminds me powerfully of 80s orientals; ambery plum, clove, soft powdery leather. It’s very lovely but at the same time feels a touch too old fashioned for me, yet i It shares a lot of the jeweled fruit tones I love in the Serge Lutens ambers. Very rich and formal, not sweet. Classic heavy oriental. There are notes I’m loving but the overall mélange is a old fashioned mature oriental that I’m not into.
Nov 25, 2021

I'm lovestruck! This perfume is disarmingly beautiful, It is subtle, sensuous and smouldering, like a soft, smokey plum caress.
After reading many reviews, I had expected a hard hitting spicy incense bomb, complex and dark, but was surprised to discover Memoir, was a far softer and powdery fragrance. It whispers seductively, enveloping you but at no point does it shout- it is far too sophisticated for that.
Great winter, evening fragrance.
A chimera, it smells reminiscent of several of my favourite perfumes combined. On first spritz I immediately was reminded of Tom Ford's Plum Japonais (sadly discontinued and my favourite of his range), with a swirl of Christian Dior's Poison and a definite touch of Guerlain's Santal Royal, the woody aspects. These impressions continue as the scent develops over time. It has amazing longevity but on me moderate silage.
Sophisticated, mysterious, fiercely feminine, sexy and edgy .This scent is fit for a siren and as enchanting as her song.
Mar 5, 2021

Calling all Suicide Girls come get your Dimetapp-laced absinthe. The quality is there, no doubt, but Memoir is a young person's game in my opinion. Yeah, I had Poison back in the early 90s I wouldn't argue there's no likeness although I think Memoir's dampness gets a little swampy in overall feel. And it's an Amouage if you're not going to commit don't bother. On me it's going to be less bar association and more ready for the Slytherin PTA meeting. There's already more than enough genderbended Geralt of Rivia vibe for me to tone down, I don't need to wordlessly convey my evil plan to marry the princess's father and run her out of the kingdom.

Thumbs down, then? Hell no, thumbs up! It a challenge I couldn't meet, doesn't mean someone else can't.
Dec 2, 2020

The opening blast is dominated by a juicy mandarin that is well-made and quite bright, although very soon the brightness is darkened by the shadows of a spicy aroma that develops. I mainly get a pleasant cardamom mixed with some white pepper, but the spiciness is quite restrained and, and least initially, does not push aside the citrus. Citrus and spice can work well, as Creed's Orange Spice demonstrates, aa does this Amouage too.

The drydown opens up a more floral side, with rose and jasmine being the main players in it, with others like a muguet accompanying the lead duet; neither the rose nor the jasmine are standing out is any way, but the whole works together well.
A somewhat nonspecific and styrax-laden woodsy undertone develops together with a mild castoreum that is neither sharp nor harsh on me.

Later, in the base, a smooth labdanum-infused leather component, arises, with a touch of smokiness and some nigh-ceremonious frankincense mixed in, but all this never loses its smooth character until the end.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and a superb longevity of thirteen hours on my skin.

This rich and very complex scent for cool spring and autumn evenings is not exceptional in any of its individual characteristics, got the good quality of its ingredients, the sublime blending as well as the good development make this overall a fragrance that is never dull. It excels in performance. 3.25/5.
Dec 15, 2019

Opens for me with a smoky mandarin flavored incense with a touch of spiciness...dark/thick/opulent...smell feel of stickiness and juiciness...smell of classic orientals from days past...regal in a gothic sort of of those compositions that is so well-crafted and blended that I find it hard to zero in on individual notes...I experience this more as accords and impressions...and right now i'm picking up an impression of an underlying current of a woody smooth leather...on top of this sits an accord of sweetish/ripe/syrupy fruit sprinkled with flower petals...very rich and decadent of the Amouages branded for women that I love a matter of fact , i'm wearing it right now...finishing up a split and will probably get some more...projection and longevity are great...
Apr 30, 2018

You're 23 years old and you're visiting your girlfriend's apartment. It's the middle of sunny day, but her windows are covered with black-out curtains, darkening the room. She's burning some sticky incense on her dresser near a vase of dying roses that you had gotten her a few weeks ago. She's wearing Pomegranate Burt's Bees Lip Balm, and you can taste it as you share a sweet clove cigar together and watch these bright lines of light escape through her curtains and pass through the smoke to dance on her ceiling. She lays her head on your chest while you slowly run your fingers through her vanilla hair. Memoir Woman by Amouage.
Feb 25, 2018

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