Memoir Man 
Amouage (2010)

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Memoir Man by Amouage

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Memoir Man is a men's fragrance launched in 2010 by Amouage

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Reviews of Memoir Man by Amouage

There are 82 reviews of Memoir Man by Amouage.

I love the basil and mint in Memoir Man, instantly reminding me of fresh cut grass. This is a very well put together grassy fragrance that smells niche, unique and slightly odd in the best possible way. The dry down is familiarly smooth and incensy like all things Amouage. It is the grass + Rose incense that makes this truly unique and pioneering. Absolutely my go-to for my urge for green.

Memoir Man smells like burning palo santo incense and I love it. The open has a harsh peppery, vegetal note that I believe is the basil, which is super odd and it is probably elevated some by the vetiver. Luckily, this note fades completely in first 15-30 minutes and you are left with a lovely guaiac wood and tabacco fragrance. Everything else is super muted and subtle.

This is a surprising thumbs up as the opening is a mess and quite off putting, almost reminiscent of vomit but lacking the offensive sharpness. Stale over ripe stewed fruit and cinnamon pear and cantaloupe, but then over 1-2 hours it settles right down into a very pleasant resinous woody oakmoss fragrance that is bordering on the outstanding.
The effort reward ratio is a serious consideration here.
I am going to wear it a couple more times before arriving at a final conclusion.
Update: After due consideration this is a masculine masterpiece. It must be used wisely as indeed true power should be. One spray will suffice. Then let it settle for half an hour and you are good to go. It lasts for hours and projects well. Two sprays enters beast mode territory. Three and you'll clear the room.
The other fragrance I recently tried with a potentially terminally fatal opening is Kilian's Straight to Heaven. Straight to the arse hole imho. Literally. Leave it for at least an hour and it becomes quite nice.

Fragrance: 8/10 its so good the opening won't really bother you just don't over spray it as the objective is to survive the first half hour until it settles.
Projection: 8/10
Longevity: 8/10

Dry piny woody and spicy - nutmeg is what my nose concluded.
A much much refined Azzaro Visit, for those who enjoy that jus.
The only issue here is that you need a refined nose to pick up all the yummy variances that make this a winner.

This was a blind buy based on the olfactory pyramid, so i admit i was expecting a fresher perfume (and maybe this is the fresher Amouage anyway).
Apart from that it's another perfectly blended juice. Basil and mint are well distinguishable at the beginning, than they leave the place to a clean vetiver + amber + tobacco + oakmoss. Smells very clean and i suppose this should be the most inoffensive of the Amouages.
I can realize that we cannot ask Amouage to get away from his DNA, but if basil + mint lasted longer and if the base notes had been with less tobacco and amber, maybe...
I must admit that i just went wrong expectating a sunny spring day at the countryside from a parfume that comes in a black dress and a black foggy box...from this point of view memoir is what he promise: a winter foggy morning in the woods!

A dark vetiver similar to Encre Noire/Sycomore but less dark and more interesting in my view due to the complexity of the other notes.

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