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Bogue Profumo (2017)

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MEM by Bogue Profumo

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Reviews of MEM by Bogue Profumo

I'm probably not politically correct enough to enjoy MEM. Instant revulsion on my part when I put this on. I left it on to see if it would morph into something I would ever consider wearing, but no. MEM smells to me like the hand lotion Aunt Bessie bought at Woolworth's Drug Store back in 1974. This has an old lady smell to my nose. I could detect some woods lurking under the surface, but they were so overcome by the florals and old lady vibe, that there was no way for me to get any enjoyment out of this frag. I also picked up some funk, and I see now why, as civet is a listed note. This is a busy mess, and reads like a case of fragrance by blender. There is some movement during the course of the wear,and MEM eventually lightens just a tiny bit on the old lady floral funk, but not nearly enough for me.

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