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Strangelove NYC (2015)

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Reviews of melt my heart by Strangelove NYC

There are 1 reviews of melt my heart by Strangelove NYC.

Melt My Heart, or meltmyheart, is inviting, warm, coy, and immediately expressive. It wears its heart on its sleeve, all billowing gusts of melting dark chocolate and buttery, bready orris, shouting eat me, eat me, eat me. It is so chocolatey at first that I want to laugh and eat my fingers at the same time. There is something very innocent about the way this smells; it's so big!

The silvery bitterness of orris exerts a sobering influence on the chocolate but doesn't truly hold its own until about five hours in, when I notice that the scent has turned from pure melted chocolate into a chocolate brown suede jacket. Towards the end, a hilariously greasy, coconutty sandalwood elbows its way onto the stage and proudly holds court there, combining with the chocolate to remind me, slightly queasily, of a mix between rancid butter and a stale Bounty Bar. It's almost embarrassingly good.
Jun 24, 2020

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