Téo Cabanel (2008)

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Reprising the familiar cologne pairing of fresh lemony citruses with light lemon blossom and jasmine floral notes, Méloé is nothing if not safe. It would be easy to dismiss as generic were it not for the naturalness of the citruses and the unmistakeable sparkle of the execution. Méloé immediately triggers the breathe-deep response of a successful composition – I want to fill my lungs. The base is pretty subdued – providing undergirding rather than distraction. The main perceptible element seems to be a talcum powder musk that seems perfectly at home.
In common with other natural citruses this wears light and one needs to apply generously.
My objection to it is not its simplicity – indeed it has made a virtue of that – but that after just a couple of hours the notes get muddled and we are left with a vaguely musky melange that has the feel of eau de fabric conditioner. Acceptable at this price point? I don’t think so.
Sep 25, 2015

Méloé is a safe bet especially for men who wish to wear a floral+fresh+herbal fragrance without smelling too "frivolous" or too "old school". It is a take on the fougére or barber shop cologne with a bit of a twist but still nowhere near exceptional or innovative (some of Villoresi's creations were more niche I think). It is exactly the kind of accord that I find excellent for a soap but too generic for a fragrance. It is a good fougére but there are so many more interesting and long lasting neroli-centered or hesperidic perfumes that this, like a few other in the same category (Kafkaesque in his excellent review makes a link to Aventus), seem superfluous to me. Easy to wear ... or too easy to wear. No niche here, just expensive pleasant inoffensive and well-made airiness. Average silage and below par longevity, as expected by this category of fragrances. Still this is probably the most easily wearable and certainly unisex (masculine-leaning) offering from Cabanel; just not for me.
Mar 8, 2015

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