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Méharées by L'Erbolario

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Méharées is a shared scent by L'Erbolario

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Reviews of Méharées by L'Erbolario

There are 26 reviews of Méharées by L'Erbolario.

A sexi, semi gourmand, spicy, dark and sweet scent that comes alive on your skin, develops and transforms as the time passes. Méharées is like looking at Picasso or Sadqain's painting where the individual components make absolutely no sense but the whole painting takes a beautiful flowing form. It is composed of high quality fragrance notes from the initial spray they will make you smell great.

During the opening, my skin warms the fragrance and brings out all of the sweetness of the vanilla, amber, and musk. The spices add a little bit of interest in the background. During the dry-down, it starts to get sweeter and deeper as those woody accords emerge. The perfume remains smooth from the top notes to the dry-down, so it's very well blended. The musk adds a sort of humanistic/animalistic touch, like smelling someones skin.

Totally, the opening is a little challenging but the dry down is magical. The scent interacts with your skin and some times the dry down comes more vanillic, some times more spicy and some times more ambery. It is warm and cozy as cashmere and a easy wear in the fall and winter if you have worn some of the oriental icons of past decades. It is a gingerbread warm cookie and a chai latte by the fireplace.

What a lovely cheapie! I'm tickled pink when fragrances deliver beyond their price tag.

I'll let this one stand on its own, waving off the MR comparisons and say that the warm spicy-sweet nature of this little figgy/nutty/cinnamon gem make it an easy one for me to love. Generally, I find top notes something that must be endured, rarely enjoyed. I am one of those perfume lovers that lives for the dry down. On me, this is very linear, it seems to launch straight into the end game and I love it for that.

An excellent MR alternative!

Finally got the honor to sample this, and as I thought, it pretty much made my wish list instantaneously!

The opening is a creamy amber/musk combo with a hefty amount of cinnamon. In the middle, I get all the woods listed in the notes, dominated with sandalwood. Sandalwood remains into the base, accompanied by amber and vanilla making it creamy again. This is basically Musc Ravageur, without the heaviness, and without the overdose of clove. There's also far less musk in this, and it leans more into gourmand territory.

I guess you can say, it's more practical and versatile, and takes everything good about MR, and makes it even better. An absolute winner in my book. Now, if only I can find a bottle in the US for a reasonable price!

Yes.....This is very good. Very good indeed!!

Musc Ravageur is one of my all time favorite fragrances. Meharees does indeed smell like the drydown of MR. It's probably MR at its 2/3 hour mark. There's amber, vanilla, light musk and even though its not listed I definitely get a clove/aniseed note. Really comforting and a fantastic alternative if you would prefer to save MR for those more special occasions.


Every bit as delicious as the dry down of musc ravager without the harsh opening. And amazing value too. A bit too sweet for my tastes for daytime.

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