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Megara by Le Galion

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Megara is a women's perfume launched in 1979 by Le Galion

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There are 2 reviews of Megara by Le Galion.

Most perfumes by Le Galion were made by Paul Vacher, a lesser light of the mid 20th century who did technical work for Parfums Christian Dior. But Vacher wasn't just a technician, he was a creative perfumer in his own right.

He was the author of Le Galion's big success Sortilège (Magic Spell), and he also composed Diorling single handed, as well as co-signing off on two great classics, Arpège and Miss Dior.

Unfortunately, Megara wasn't made by Vacher but his daughter, who created it in homage to her father after he passed away. Megara is a green aldehydic floral, somewhere between the original Y and Ma Griffe, and this is crossed with a No5 rosy bouquet.

It opens with a mushroomy note - from a poorly judged gardenia, and in the early stage it feels sort of boxy, but as time goes on, the red rose bouquet overcomes the greens & the white floral, and takes centre stage.
The rose is stronger and more clunky than the Chanel but it's bitter-syrupy, and quite liquid, and makes a nice contrast to a stuffy lipstick iris - the other part of the mid section.
Eventually, the two merge into a base of musky rose and balm, which is underscored by a long tail of aldehydes and bone dry flowers.

Mégara travels a long way from start to finish and the journey is quite interesting, even if it strays off the path from time to time.
It's a weighty and ambitious work, and Dominique de Urresti put everything into it, possibly knowing this was the one and only chance she would get.


The packaging is a bit confusing, and it makes me wonder what was going on with Le Galion at the time.
The name sounds like Megaera, the Greek Fury of jealousy & envy - who also punished people for adultery. As well as that, the illustration on the box hints at cannabis plants...
What does it all mean? I have no idea.


This was Le Galion's last perfume before the company was sold, and after that, it was - according to the website - 'badly managed [and] quickly collapsed'.


Megara was an elegy to a minor perfumer of the Classical Era; but it could do nothing to prevent the decline - and fall - of Le Galion, aka the House of Vacher.

Megara is a delicious rich floral. I find something in common with Caron Infini, but it's more animalic in the opening, and then lightens up with some fizzy aldehydes and a touch of fruit. I have the EDT but it's full and lush: definitely a bit of a growl but perfectly fit for company. I'd love them to bring this back in the new big spray bottles.

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