Meet Me on the Corner 
4160 Tuesdays (2019)

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Meet Me on the Corner by 4160 Tuesdays

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4160 Tuesdays
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A crowdfunded fragrance.

A citrus chypre for everyone, evoking 1960s and 70s scents worn by women in jeans and men with long hair who scandalised our Edwardian grandparents.

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Reviews of Meet Me on the Corner by 4160 Tuesdays

There are 2 reviews of Meet Me on the Corner by 4160 Tuesdays.

OK, I'm open to meeting this one on the corner – it's a breeze of a perfume, providing the traditional summery blend of zesty citrus (the combo of orange and lemon, which means that neither expresses itself fully but that a good balance of sour-sweet is achieved), a light floral note and some pale woods in the background. But do I linger to talk with it on the corner and then say ‘We must meet up properly some time'? Of that I'm not so sure, as the conversation is unlikely to ever move beyond chitchat.

4160 Tuesdays Meet Me on the Corner is described as the product of mandora (a blend of sweet orange and mandarin), magnolia flower, and magnolia leaf. It's fresh and citric but also green and floral, a lovely exploration of the sweet magnolia mixed with sweet orange, but not too sweet.

I feels delicately assembled, carefully put together, with a lot of nuance, not too similar to any other fragrance in my recollection. And it feels balanced between the floral and citrus, green and sweet, but is really wholly fresh and evocative of an outdoor fruit tree aside a field of flowers.

It performs nicely, and feels like a good blend with a rich quality to it, not that it's oily, per se, but it has the feeling of containing a good concentration of perfume oil. Its performance is comparable to some of the other robust freshies in the house (i.e. Freeway). It's priced slightly lower than most 4160 Tuesdays offerings, at $110 for 50ml.

This is more or less instantly a bottle what I want to have. It's a freshie that won me over on first wearing, mimicking my experience with the mostly-freshies Freeway and Red Queen. In short, I love it, particularly as a warm weather option that feels like something wholly new from this house.

8 out of 10

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