Mediterranean Neroli fragrance notes

  • Head

    • petitgrain, bergamot, spearmint, ginger
  • Heart

    • cypress, neroli, lavender, rosemary, jasmine, rhubarb
  • Base

    • cypriol, moss, ambrox, musk, sandalwood

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Mediterranean Neroli is by far the best "neroli" scent to me. This is all the luxury hotel seaside resort soapiness you could ever want, without any heavy oriental fougere accords bogging it down. The neroli is in a fresh, soapy, clean laundry and trimmed lawn kind of way. The natural nature of this perfume of the same vein as Acqua di Parma Colonia.

Starts strong with a beautiful neroli, sweet citrus. There is the slight herbal note of soothing lavender and uplifting rosemary along with cypress with the quiet sensual jasmine grounding all of it with that little woodsy undertone. The harmony between these notes is perfect. It's gentle and ethereal enveloping the skin.
21st April 2022
Amazing smell and fragrance. It lasts long and the Neroli/Bergamot combo feels very natural. Compared to other Neroli fragrances this one has an additional nice masculine feature, which makes it much better for me. Also can wear it with formal clothing as well as casual.

Big winner and one of the best buy fragrance I have ever got.
4th July 2019

Mediterranean Neroli reminds me of bright sunny days. Neroli at it's best, bright and beautiful. Blended with petitgrain and bergamot. Later drying down into a soft woody/citrus. The neroli lasts throughout the day. Absolutely delicious! It lasts a long time on me and I have gotten many compliments.
21st March 2017
This is a gorgeous fragrance with the divine pairing of bergamot and neroli. And it's the sheer quality of the ingredients that is impressive. The bergamot smells like it has been freshly squeezed into the bottle coupled with the beautiful neroli.

It's a light fragrance but not too light with about average projection. I've been out and about wearing this and have been surrounded in a beautiful haze of bergamot and neroli, very beautiful.

After about ninety minutes the bergamot dissipates and the neroli becomes more sensual. It's so well blended that I cannot until the drydown detect any other notes from the neroli that now dominates.

After another hour I can start to smell woods, moss and musk though the lovely neroli still dominates. The scent though does reign itself in after this on the projection front but I can still smell it.

All in all a very beautiful light fragrance that perfectly suits the Spring/Summer months. The neroli does have extra depth but is so well blended with other notes to pin point exactly how. I'm thinking it's the jasmine that is giving it that sensual aspect but this is subjective.

The presentation is great as well with the box and bottle, this is my first fragrance with a magnetic cap. All in all a thumbs up from me. Lovely!
12th November 2015