Mediterranean Fig 
Pacifica (2007)

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Mediterranean Fig by Pacifica

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Mediterranean Fig is a women's perfume launched in 2007 by Pacifica

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Reviews of Mediterranean Fig by Pacifica

There are 5 reviews of Mediterranean Fig by Pacifica.

This starts off as a juicy, milky, leafy fig, very much like Philosykos, but with a faintly citrussy edge. lt quickly becomes warmer & woodier though, & three hours in it's faded to a pleasant but very soft sandalwood, lasting altogether around eight hours before fading.

l like this, but l'd like it more if it retained the cooling effect & the intensity of the fig that l love so much in Philosykos. l tried it from a dab vial though, so l'll try decanting it into a spray vial next time & see if that makes a difference...

I've had an overall positive experience with this lovely fig perfume reminiscent of Philosykos, As previous commenters have noted, it is pretty linear: fig, then sandalwood. WYSISWYG. The fig disappears pretty quickly, maybe after an hour or so, but the sandalwood sticks around for a while.

Like Kewart above, I also had the roller ball version, and that's the rollerball that convinced me never to buy another one again. I hate the roller ball applicator. If I repurchase it would be after using my Philosykos completely, and I would only get it in a spray or splash bottle.

I enjoy wearing this scent : fresh, green fig, with cyclamen and palm over a base of creamy sandalwood There is something very appealing about the smell - providing you like the smell of figs, of course.I like that Pacifica are a cruelty-free, vegan brand also. I have the roller-ball version, which is handy to keep in your bag for refreshing the scent as it doesn't have huge staying power.

I thought I'd be more impressed but not so Its a little too cloying for me maybe its the sandlewood notes that are a little overbearing. I love the scent of figs but it soon leaves and becomes linear then all I smell is the sandlewood

Well-named. I'm sure there are other notes in here, but the fig stands out. The dry-down is pleasant, modern, clean-smelling. It's an interesting fragrance to me, but linear. I will wear sometimes at home until my sample is gone, but nothing I would buy. It's certainly a good choice (along with the others) from TPC to include in their "beginner niche and classics" sample pack, as it illustrates what natural scents can be mimicked, how it smells in the bottle and on your skin. I'm certainly now interested in smelling the other scents similar to this. Sillage is low, but longevity is at least 3-4 hours on me.

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