Mediterranean fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Peach Nectar Sorbet, Sicilian Mandarin, Damask Plum
  • Heart

    • Wisteria, Star magnolia, Madagascar Orchid
  • Base

    • Sandalwood, Musk, Amber

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Latest Reviews of Mediterranean

This perfume is pure feminine Bliss, I live by the beach and this is the perfect one to wear when I am walking on the Pier, the wind carries the aroma everywhere,the opening is fruity and sweet, the dry down is a beautiful floral mix of wisteria and magnolia. It's whimsical and sweet, just lovely!It lasts a long time an easy 7 to eight hours. It has a final Amber aroma that fills your senses,I recommend it whether you are young or older. It smells very elegant and you will feel like a thousand bucks, as you walk around, you will feel like you are wearing a blue fresh dress with sandals of golden hues.
24th May 2018
Opens with a nice fruity floral, dry-down looses all fruit notes and becomes a white floral. Nice fragrance, but nothing stands out as unique after first spritz...
26th July 2017

My first impression of this perfume was indifferent. It was okay. Pleasant enough. Nothing amazing. My husband really seemed to like it though, so I wore it on occasion. But what is it about this perfume? The drydown contains an offensive odour, quite like someone's unwashed scalp baking in the sun, the smell that lingers in the kitchen after frying dough, a yeasty-bread staleness. Greasy and the opposite of fresh. The persistent sickly warmth of that greasy/unwashed note becomes more and more noticeable with each repeated application and is simply nauseating -- undoing all that was theoretically good about the fruity aquatic freshness of this fragrance. This is not getting any more wear from me.
22nd March 2013
I was quite drawn to this fragrance when I first tried it. It is a very light aquatic fragrance. It could never be offensive because it is so calming and casual. I actually had this on my wishlist for ages, but I decided not to buy it because it didn't seem like a fragrance that I would find myself wearing. The sillage is fairly average but for the price this perfume is worth it.

26th April 2011
30 seconds intriguingly similar to a discontinued favorite.45minutes-1hour torture by PEACH COTTON CANDY aka peach sorbet accord, I thought I had something like this in my teens and rejected it then too as a too sweet slightly nauseating scent.There is a hint of mandarin ;and warm amber carries on through it all.Fairly soft after 3 hours it might be wearable in cold weather to sweeten a Oriental or add to a soapier rose scent. Recomended for those who like Brittany spears,paris hilton Heiress, or the Escada lines.PLEASE-IN MODERATION!!!
25th March 2010
It's light, ozonic, marine. It reminds me of Lanvin's Oxygene, but with a milder drydown.
5th March 2010
This is a wonderful, light scent. Pretty saltwater florals & mouthwatering fruity notes blended with amber make for a perfect daytime or casual date kind of fragrance. I personally love this & wear it on a regular basis- it's not very strong, and it dosn't last for more than seven or eight hours, but who cares! It's cute! It's not super expensive, either- don't spend more than 20-30 bucks on this one, it's not worth more than that.
5th July 2009
When I first smelt this, I really liked the scent. It was on sale so I bought it then and there. And gosh, did I regret that decision. When I actually wore it, it was nice for the first 10-20 mins and then it was this sickly sweet overpowering smell that gave me a horrible headache. I actually had to go home, scrub it out and have some panadol to get rid of that headache. It was almost like they made a relatively ok perfume and then completely ruined it by dropping a whole lot of sugar in it.Please don't buy it, if you dont regret it the people around you definitely will.
14th May 2009
This is one of my favorite scents for a "jeans-n-tee" day. Light, creamy, powdery. I actually don't smell much of the fruits in this. Instead I get more of the florals, musk, wood and amber. Lasting power is only 6 hours, which is a bit disappointing for an EDP. (I toss the bottle into my purse to refresh with later.) Fortunately, you can find this frag at several discount (online and retail) stores, for under $30 for a 1.7 oz bottle.
5th December 2008
Again, Elizabeth Arden as usual... smells good but not so long lasting.
21st November 2008
It is alright wouldn't wear this often it smells a little bit fruiy but like salt water too.I gave my bottle away.
29th October 2008
This is a pleasant, fruity, slightly sweet fragrance which is not overpowering, and it is difficult not to like it. However, it doesn't seem to last very long on me - a couple of hours at most. I would not want it to smell stronger - just to last longer.
7th October 2008