Meadowmoss fragrance notes

    • Alpine Sandwort, Wild grass, Green Wheat, Orange Blossom, Fir Balsam, Tomato Leaf, Azure Bluet, Mountain Wildflowers

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Sampling Pineward Perfumes Meadowmoss, the final entry that I’m trying in a recent set of five released for the spring/summer this year. As with Ivymoss, it’s a bit of a dark-meets-light, fresh-meets-spicy type of blend, albeit less green than Ivymoss specifically. Oakmoss is the most front-and-center note, albeit with a wheaty, meadow-like blast, perhaps the power of suggestion via the name. It performs well and is quite interesting, certainly worth trying, though it’s not among my very favorites of the house, whose earlier releases suit me a bit better, and which I also owe a retry. Still, sort of semi-fresh, semi-dark, oakmoss-led woody/citrus/spicy menagerie works quite well.

While 3 of the 5 releases are lighter / EDT concentration at a lower price point, both Ivymoss and Meadowmoss are in the higher / more standard price point for the line, at $205/135 for 57/37ml, more consistent with the darker juices in extrait concentration that comprise the majority of the catalogue and that make it somewhat reminiscent of, say, Slumberhouse.

7 out of 10
7th June 2023